Taking It Slow

Klaire handed Tzeitel a glass of water and began to assess her own items. She had a few arrows left, enough bullets to get her through a few places, and was even sure she could catch them food to eat. In her mind, she prayed that her companion could cook...

"I plan to hunt down those bastards that torture us." She finally answered as she sorted out all of her supplies on the floor. Turning her gaze to the girl, she tilted her head to the side. "I can get you somewhere safe. You don't have to come with me on my man hunt."

It was a genuine offer. She did not wish to drag others into her personal vendettas. It would be lonely traveling on her own, but she could not force Tzeitel into a situation she was not ready for. The girl seemed traumatized enough as is.

Looking toward the door, she hoped River would return before they left.


River gasped when she saw Riley next to her and stumbled over her own feet. A pained yelp escaped her and the left sleeve of her dress ripped, but she ignored it and turned to sit up and face this man. Her heart was pounding loudly in her ears as she gazed at him, took in his appearance and posture.

"W-what do you want?!" She hissed out the words, shaking. "If you touch me, I'll do to you what I did to him!"

She was not sure yet if this man was safe or not. All she could focus on was trying to escape...


Listening to Julius, Evie simply nodded and took in the area around them. "We can walk for a bit. I recognize the woods near here. There should be a few abandoned places to hide in." She explained in a firm tone. Going over to the man, she gently took his arm in her hands and began to lead him along, taking things slow.

As they walked and got under the safety of trees and overgrown grass and bushes, she glanced at him. "I'll try to find you some food and water. It's not good to exhaust yourself like this." Her tone was kind and full of worry. This was the tone she had been using with him before they took her into that prison.

It seemed her feelings for him had not changed too much.

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