Life's Many Tragedies (JP)

Evie took the scarf from Kiana with a smile, but frowned when Julius went upstairs. It was odd that he was taking so long, but she didn’t feel like going back up. When he came back, though, he seemed a bit tense. “Are you okay?” She asked as she hugged the scarf close, already loving it.

"I'm alright." Julius answered with a smile.

Gelf leaned back and grinned. “I say have Evie start.” She chimed and watched Delilah, Frisk, and the little boy Cody go to another room to talk. “Poor thing looks like a stick.”

Sorley had been quietly watching the little boy and the women. Unlike last night, he noticed the scars on the little boy’s neck right away. He was tense and angry at the signs of abuse, the water in a nearby glass swirling with tension.

Kiana smiled gently, glad to see that Evie seemed to like the scarf.

Gelf looked at Sorley, noticing the swirling glass of water nearby. Reaching over, she touched his arm. “Calm down.” She said softly and looked toward Evie and Kiana.

Evie realized she hadn’t thanked Kiana yet and turned to her. “T-thank you for the scarf. I really like it.” She said, loving how soft it was. Now, she only had to worry about them making her use the gun first. “Do I have to go first?”

“Some bastard hurt that kid.” Sorley said in a low, angry voice. He glanced at Evie, then towards the door the boy and women had gone through. “He has scars on his neck like her.” The water swirled more noticeably.

Gelf looked toward the door. “I know, but those two women are good people. They’ll help him.” She explained to Sorley. “I do want to infiltrate the main information building MegaCorp has. Delilah made a little something to mess with their system…” She pulled out a little flashdrive from a pocket, smirking.

Seeing a child hurt always did something to Sorley. He clenched his fist, rage barely contained, the swirling water in the glass beginning to slosh over. He told himself that no one was going to hurt the boy again, that the boy was safe. But it was hard to turn it off when he got like this.

Gelf gazed at Sorley with concern before grabbing his chin and turning his face to her. "Hey, you're all tensed up. Relax your muscles, cutie." She said in a calm tone. If this didn't work, she had another way to distract him.

Sorley blushed and tried to look away. “It’s supposed to be illegal to abuse kids but bastards do it anyway.”

"And that's where people like us come in." Gelf replied. "We can help them."

Sorley sighed. The water in the glass sloshed. “I’d rather it didn’t happen in the first place.”

Cupping Sorley's face with a hand, Gelf gave him a sad smile. "Me too, but that's why we have to do everything we can to help them." Her thumb stroked his cheek in a soothing manner.

Sorley relaxed slowly, letting his face rest in Gelf’s hand. The water in the glass went still.

Gelf couldn't stop the smile from forming on her face as she kept letting her thumb stroke his cheek. It was obvious to her that this boy and his sister needed some serious love.

Sorley looked younger after the tension left his face. His shoulders and body began to relax. He wondered if he should be worried about what Gelf was doing to him, but he was feeling too good.

Continuing to stroke his face, Gelf glanced over to Julius. "So, we gonna do this job or what, old man?" She teased.

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