Livewire (JP)

Kiana grinned. “I’m glad you like it. Give it a good home.”

Evie nodded, keeping the scarf held close like it was a treasure she was afraid to lose.

“We should hang out sometime.” Kiana said. “You can help clean up my closet. I got a lot of other stuff in that color back when I was in denial.”

Evie looked at Kiana in surprise. "Really?" She asked. It had been so long that she couldn't even remember her old friends, let alone any of the girls.

“Of course. You’re a little smaller than me but I have some stuff that can fit you. Accessories too.” Kiana had a few friends, unfortunately she lost touch with just about all of them when they went away to college or even got married. She missed having other girls to hang out with and was glad to have met Gelf and Evie. She hoped she could help Evie to be less nervous, she had been through so much but still seemed kind.

Evie nodded and blushed. "I haven't had friends for a long time…aside from him." She said and gestured to Julius. Though, she wanted to be more than friends with him.

“It has gotten harder to make friends since high school ended.” Kiana admitted, nodding to Julius. He was concernedly older than Evie, but the rat spy Kiana had sent did not detect even a hint of abuse from him last night so Kiana was not going to worry about him. Evie was safe and wanted to be with him, she was old enough to make up her own mind and was not being coerced.

"I never finished school." Evie admitted. "I couldn't after what I did."

“I did a lot of stupid stuff in school too… You didn’t miss much really.” Kiana said.

"I guess…I was too busy on the run at the time." Evie shrugged and looked toward Julius, recalling her first meeting with him. She was still embarrassed to this day about striking him with her lightning when they had met, but it had helped him in the long run. Plus, back then, he had been an enemy.

“You must have gotten your powers earlier than I did… Mine only came last year.” Kiana said, blushing slightly like the last girl to hit puberty in class. Not yet realizing how much easier she got it, not having to deal with her power until she was practically an adult.

"I was…younger. When my parents realized I had these powers, they tried to kill me." Evie explained as she nervously paced. "When they did, I lost control and…well, everyone saw that explosion on the news that destroyed an entire city." The more she paced the more nervous she became, the air becoming hot with electrical energy. If this kept up, she'd destroy all the lights.

Gelf looked toward Evie. "Julius, I think you might want to calm her down." She suggested.

Julius stepped over to Evie and drew her in to a tight hug, "Breathe. Just breathe, lightning bug." He held her until the electrical snafus began to wain. "What say we go out and shoot some shit? Ironically, that would be a less destructive way to help you release."

Evie slowly took in deep breaths as Julius held her, calming down. “Okay…” She practically whispered the word, loving his smell and the warmth he brought her. There were too many things on her mind these days and she needed to get control of them.

Gelf chuckled. “I know a far less destructive way to get release.”

Frisk had been letting Cody watch cat videos on her phone when she noticed the lights flickering. Evie must be upset about something, very upset, potentially dangerous. Frisk grabbed a capped syringe from her bag, she hoped it would not come to that, much preferring that the girl be talked down instead of sedated, and put the syringe into her pocket before going back into the bar. Fortunately Julius was able to calm the girl down, which was a relief. Frisk had worked hard to earn her trust and would hate to betray it by forcibly sedating her, even in an emergency.

"Hey, it's okay Evie." Kiana said cautiously. Kiana did remember those pictures in the news. She felt bad that Evie’s own parents tried to kill her. But at the same time it was… kind of alarming. Evie seemed to have her powers under control now at least.

Sorley had been so perfectly relaxed before the lights started flickering. He sat very still, hoping to not do something to upset Evie further as Julius got her calmed down. But before he could start to relax himself he heard Gelf’s comment- and was back to blushing like a stop sign.

Julius tried to ignore Gelf's innuendo, but frankly the tension in the room could be cut with a knife. After Evie relaxed, Julius released his embrace and pick up his rifle. "So who wants to come shoot some shit?"

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