Roadtrip Ruckus (JP)

Evie reluctantly let go of Julius and and shrugged. "I could shoot something " She murmured softly.

Gelf shrugged. "Ready when you are." She stroked Sorley's hair, loving that blush.

Frisk nodded, relieved that Evie was able to calm down without a sedative.

“I have to sort out my bag first, but then I’ll be ready to shoot some stuff.” Frisk said, going back to the other room. She took the syringe from her pocket and put it away in her bag, quickly making sure there was nothing else she needed to put away before going back to the bar.

Sorley pulled his head back, blushing fiercely.

Gelf gave Sorley a cute pout when he pulled away, but didn't push anymore than that. She'd give him a break for now.

"Sorely!" Julius bellowed as he inspected his rifle. "Come one, let me teach you how to fuck shit up with metal instead of water. You're the most important piece of this mission, so if you die we're all screwed. Best that you know how to use one of these if it comes to it." Julius then lifted his plate carrier which he had also carried downstairs. He strapped it to his chest, revealing 6 magazines in a pouch on the front, a med kit in a pouch on the side and a couple of random pouches scattered around though their contents could not be identified.

"Ramone, Imma take your truck and haul these people out to the Glades. Don't want anyone listening in on the fireworks."

"Oye, don't fuck it up like you did last time. I swear Jules, if I see my truck in a police chase on the news again I'm gonna start making you pay for your drinks. With a back tab. Comprende?"

Julius chuckled then took the keys from behind the bar. He turned to see who was following.

“Uh, okay.” Sorley said nervously, certain he was going to end up shooting himself before anyone else could kill him.

“Whoa boy.” Kiana muttered, hoping her brother was not going to kill himself.

Frisk of course was ready to go.

Both Gelf and Evie followed, but the lightning user seemed to trail behind, still hugging the scarf close. Her mind was playing through all the procedures of using one of those guns. It was easy for her brain to go through the motions, but would her muscle memory be able to catch up.

Gelf, on the other hand, was giddy and teleported to the truck, already sitting in the back with a laugh. "Come on, slow pokes!" She called with a grin.

Julius loaded his rifle and a couple of handguns into the back, then climbed into Ramone's truck and started it up. He waited as everyone else piled in. Fortunately there was plenty of room.

"Alright guys this gonna be a long drive. Little over an hour. So… music?" He asked.

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