Better Hunter than Hunted

Tzeitel sipped on the water, considering.

"Where is it safe? They'll hunt me wherever I go like all the others they have hunted... that I helped them hunt." Tzeitel paled thinking about some of those she had helped capture being recruited to a capture team going after her. Like Canestone. She was a lot calmer but her eyes were getting that haunted look again.

"I'd rather go with you." Tzeitel decided. She trusted Klaire, she was the only person to show her any real kindness besides that medic who treated her after Canestone and maybe that "nice guy" Cook. Though she was not so sure he would have let her out of her collar if Klaire had not already got her own collar off and took out the rest of the team first.

Tzeitel's feelings and experiences with the organization were different. She went from being abused by her parents to being abused by the organization, her parents were unpredictable in everything but the fact that they'd find some excuse to beat her. The organization abused her too, but she could usually avoid getting hurt by keeping her head down and doing what they told her to do. While less obedient metas held by the organization were being punished in dark cells and pain Tzeitel earned small privileges, she was even taught a few real world skills like driving a car. Not well, she was closely minded in a gated parking lot with a handler sitting in the passenger seat nearly breathing down her neck. Someone higher up had the idea it might be useful for her to drive during a mission though it never panned out.

Of course it was the organization's fault that she had to face Canestone while her powers were exhausted. The organizations fault that her powers were exhausted in the first place. The organization's fault that she was abducted by him. It was the organiation's fault that the damned collar temporarily paralyzed her after he carried her out of range of her handler. She would not feel bad if Klaire killed those that made the decisions leading to Canestone. She would not feel bad if Klaire killed Canestone... Tzeitel realized she would be glad to kill Canestone herself. She did not blame Klaire for killing those she had killed earlier, or for wanting to kill more of them for how they treated her and other metas.

"Are you okay though?" Tzeitel asked. "They were so rough on you back there I was convinced you couldn't know where the target was."

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