People pt2

Amir was startled by the girl's entrance. 8:10... no word yet. "Yeah, not sure... was supposed to meet someone for a date tonight but," and he shrugged giving off the obvious answer. "I'm Amir, I remember you from the party. It's Friday night, why isn't your man, the cup-guy, taking you somewhere nice?"

~ ~ ~

"There are never foolish questions," Jean replied and took a step toward her, "only foolish people." He had seen promise in her, real promise. He had to get out of this school but needed a performance and a star if he was to make the transition from dancer to choreographer. After the bridges he had burned after getting hurt, he needed a fresh, new face. A pretty face. And one that smelled intoxicating...

"You shall show me now, yes? You will repeat this morning's routine and show me you can focus like a true star and then I will teach you the opening routine of our coming performance..." He wasn't quite asking.

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