Theatre pt 2

The performance was amazing. Frank did his best to not seem overly critical of anything, having performed this before, and was delighted to have the company. True to his word, they have private, box seats. After the show, he escorted her backstage and they met the director and performers. He carried on a short conversation in perfect Italian with the director before introducing him to Rhonda. One of the supporting cast, a matronly type, came up to Frank and grabbed and kissed him. This time, it was in flawless French he spoke to her before blushing slightly at the woman's insistence to know who the woman was with Frank.

"Femme bella, Francois, tres bella. I am always telling my amoureux here that he cannot sit alone so often. I am so glad he has found someone to bring. Oh, but I must be going... adieu!" And she scampered off to join her castmates.

"Sorry, Madame VonChonce is like a second mother to me and dotes me twice as much as my own ever did," Frank said. "Well, it's Friday night and you didn't tell me what sort of curfew your parents gave you," he said with a grin, "so would you like to get some dinner? If you weren't hungry, I know this really cozy place on the coast that has an amazing wine selection."

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