Friendship part 3

Raul smile before beginning to tell a story.
"Well there was this one time in high school for a short film project we did do a zombie Apocalypse movie and there was this abandoned gas station in town that was the perfect setup for it. So the day of fill me arrives and we all get all dressed up and everything and to make matters even better there was a fog outside. So we get everything done filming and all of a sudden a bunch of police cars pull up. As it turns out one of my team members didn't get the filming permit for the gas station so when people were driving by they saw a bunch of teenagers covered in fake blood and guts and thought an accident had happened and called 911. Luckily the police were good sports bad and let us finish up but oh boy did we get a Stern talking to by our parents."

After finishing up that story he would go into several more before lunch ended.

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