First day

Rhonda rose stood at the window to her office and watched as students hurried about the campus below. it was another good turn out this year. Not a single empty bed in the dorms, not a single empty spot in the classes. And that was really saying something considering that AU was one of the hardest schools to get into. They only accepted the best of the best and then made them better. She liked it that way. It made her the best. And she refused to be anything less.


At the same time Vander Malkovich sat at his desk in his large class room rubbing his temples. Classes didn't start till tomorrow but already he was done with the year. The students moving through the halls and talking was already giving him a headache he knew would last till the last day of class. He was done teaching. Was seriously considering quitting. With a sigh he walked to his door and closed it to muffle the students so he could finish getting ready.


Nya frowned down the paper in her hand. She was lost absolutely lost. She had already settled into her dorm. She had gotten to chose her side of the room first due to her roommate having not arrived yet and maybe it was a little selfish but she had chosen the side with the best sun filtering in through the giant window. But now she was looking for her sister who had already been here since the early classes started. Was in the art building but Nya didn't know which classroom.
After a good while of searching she finally found Nadira in one of the sculpting rooms high up on a latter frowning at the face of a greet god as she tried to smooth his brow into perfect alignment. She had dry clay smeared across one of her cheeks and her fingers were grey. When she saw Nya she smiled brightly and whipped her hands on the already clay stained lose tank top she was wearing.
" You made it!" She said climbing down and moving in for a hug. Nya held her hands up to stop her not wanting to stain up the pretty blue dress she had on. " Of course I did." Nadira stooped her self. " How's grandma?" The girls took a seat At one of the tables and caught up both extremely happy to see each other and excited for the new year.

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