Notes unseen

Amir had to stop himself from going over the top with this. Routinely, he'd have a limo and flowers, likely jewelry - but he was Amir now, not the playboy son of the rich and famous. He did go buy a new shirt and a simple bouquet. His errands took most of the day and he was glad to get back just in time for their date. Waiting outside, holding a bouquet it was obvious what he was up to and as the time went by and others saw him still sitting there they couldn't help feel sorry for him.

Maybe I guessed the time wrong he thought. He'd stick it out an hour just to be safe.

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~ ~ ~

As even came, Mr. Blanchett was impatiently waiting Nya. When she arrived on time, not early, he was clearly not impressed. "Miss Graves, I need to understand your commitment to our art. You toiled so much through our first exercise that you won the right to come see me and ask any questions of me yet you did not. Then, I find you distracted in class. Are you my prima ballerina or no?"

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