Karen was walking to her dorm. The day had sucked. Ryan had been a jerk to her and dipped off with some freshman. She had failed her first pop quiz of the year. Just crap. She rounded the corner and saw the one of the guys from the party. He was dressed to the 9s and held flowers. He kept checking his watch. Maybe he was having a bad day to. Maybe they could make each other day better and get back at Ryan all in one step. Fixing her hair and bra she then placing a smile she walked over to him.
" get stood up or something?" She asked playfully. He was cute she hoped he thought the same of her.


Nya held back tears and didn't answer for a moment. "I...I didn't ask u anything because I was afraid all of the questions I might have had would seem silly and childish to someone of your statue...and...I'll do better in class.." for the first time in her life she was doubting her self. She was thinking maybe she couldn't do this.

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