Image of Gruk.... Just Gruk

Summary: "Gruk like Ale, You have Ale? Gruk like you!"

Gruk.... Just Gruk

Gender: Male

Age: 20's

Group: Dwarves




All the usual stereotypical Dwarfish skills Gruk possesses.
His strength, stamina, and determination have aided him at times as well as hindered him at times. See below.


One would say Gruks strength, stamina, and determination have hindered him at times, but.

His Naivety and gullibility is really what holds him back from historic dwarven glory.

Oh, and never turns down a pint of good (or bad) ale. I mean Never.

Physical Appearance

If you ever saw the most handsomest, most charming, most desirable man in your life....well, Gruk is the polar opposite.

Personality and interests

Gruk is always looking for work. Gruk acts like he is the toughest dwarf this side of the mountain. Gruk also will unwillingly talk his way into trouble every chance he gets.

Interests? "Gruk not an elf! All Gruk needs is his hammer to get through life. That and Ale."

Notable possessions/weapons (if any)

Gruk has one possession besides his clothing. His two handed War Hammer "Llork." Which is a normal sized hammer to a human being. The hammer has been passed down to him by his great great great great great great grandmother. He has it with him at all fact on occasions, he has been known to ask ladies of the night, and drunken maidens (who down on their luck) to leave his bed to make room for Llork. Gruk is unable to sleep without it by his side.

Occupation or Trade (if any)

If asked, Gruk will admit to being a jack of all trades, although he isn't.


Gruk grew to Dwarfish adulthood picked on and made fun of by his entire clan. This would bother a normal individual and make them run away from home, but not Gruk. Gruk's clan one night had to get him intoxicated on ale, pack up all their belongings and disappear into the night. Ever since Gruk has been wondering what had happened to them, and has been working as a mercenary, laborer, ditch digger, any job that Gruk can acquire in the hopes he may find information about what had happened to his clan.

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Image of Gruk.... Just Gruk
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