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Summary: Baa baa baa

Els Roxas

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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Werewolves


A were sheep


Turns into a sheep


Els can usually control her shifting, except at night during the full moon. It's rather annoying. She also tends to get sheeplike while approaching a full moon.

Physical Appearance

As a human:
5'6", 152 pounds.
Almond shaped chestnut-brown eyes. Very curly brown hair. Fair skin.
As a sheep:
Wooly white sheep.

Personality and interests

Usually friendly and curious. Her were form is something of a sour topic.
Els loves traveling and exploring.

Notable possessions/weapons (if any)

Spindle, a lot of wool.

Occupation or Trade (if any)



Most of those in Els's were clan are wolves, but every couple of years they have an "aberrant" were- sometimes instead of a wolf they will turn into a fox, cat, bird, or other fun animals. Els turns into a sheep. The universe really cheated her.

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Image of Els Roxas
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