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Liadan Wynn Buckley

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Humans




Skilled thief


Clumsy, short tempered, trouble trusting people (thought she has gotten better) Sometimes she has flashbacks and nightmares but they are rare and usually only happen when she is stressed or triggered.

Physical Appearance

Freckled face, crooked nose.
Hair: Wild red-brown hair.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height/Weight: 5'6" 135 pounds

Personality and interests

Fiercely loyal to those she loves. Protective of her children.

Notable possessions/weapons (if any)

Twisted forks, stones, bits of parchment and other bits of junks she collects in her pockets.

Occupation or Trade (if any)

Former peddlar, former thief.


Born to a poor family living in an attic. Father was an abusive drunk, he was pushed out of their window by Liadan's mother to keep him from beating Liadan, and he died. Liadan and her mother were forced from their home and had to live on the streets. Liadan was only 7 when her mother was killed after being run over by a wagon.
Liadan had a hard time growing up, she had to resort to being a thief and more than once had been put in jail or the stocks, beaten and starved.
She did get one happy year in her childhood, she was taken in by a herd of unicorns but the leader of the herd thought she would be better off with her own kind, and fearing she would endanger the herd he blocked all her memories of life with the herd. It would be many years before Liadan would be reunited with the herd and her memories of them restored.
Around the age of 19 Liadan wandered into a village. She thought it would be like all the other villages, she would try to get by as a peddler until that no longer worked, then turn to stealing until she would get thrown out. Instead she was befriended by Aislyn who helped her get a job and a place to stay. She fell in love with Ais's brother, Aron. The herd of unicorns happened to be be near the village and Liadan got her memory restored.
Life was going well until one winter she had an argument with Aron and went to the bad part of town. An evil group of men attacked Liadan, Liadan killed them but the attack left her feeling ashamed (And, as she later discovered, pregnant.) so Liadan left the village and returned to a life of thievery and barely getting by. When Liadan realized that she was pregnant she did not want to submit a child to the life she had grown up with. So she made her way back to the village, giving birth to a girl she named Yehudit shortly before arriving.
Liadan was going to give the baby to Aislyn to raise and take off, but she saw Aron and was convinced to stay. She and Aron married and Aron claimed Yehudit as his own daughter. Liadan had horrible flashbacks and nightmares though, and wound up rejoining the unicorn herd for a while, taking Yehudit with her. The separation was hard on Aron, but when Liadan returned their relationship grew stronger than ever. They have since had a second daughter, Ertzel.

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