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Image of Elles Nol

Summary: Halfling

Elles Nol

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: Lieutenant Commander

Nationality: White


Job/Skill: Commanding Officer

Chief of Security

Rank/Title: Captain

Lieutenant Commander

Physical Appearance: Strong and smart

Personality and interests: Reading

Poker, extreme thrills

History: N/A

Elles is the daughter of a human father and Trill mother. Her parents divorced when she was ten. From then she was shuttled back and forth from whatever posting her father had and her mother’s home on Trill. Around her sixteenth birthday she was going back to Trill permanently to begin the process of being selected for a symbiote. During the trip the ship’s navigational array was misaligned they were extremely off course. Once the problem was discovered they began working on it immediately but before they could get back on course another system was going haywire. They were forced to make an emergency landing. The emergency landing turned into a crash landing on a desolate planet that not all walked away from.

Torjug Nol died in the crash landing. To save the life of the Nol symbiote it had to be implanted into someone else preferably a Trill. Elles Ellison was the only Trill on board who was not critically injured and had a chance of survival. She was implanted with the Nol symbiote.

She was rescued over a month later, she was one of only a handful of survivors. The ship that rescued the survivors was the one her father was the captain of. Shortly after being rescued her mother arrived. She told her parents the news about the Nol symbiote at once. The investigation into the crash discovered two things were responsible, poor maintenance by the passenger company caused the ship to go off course and sabotage caused the ship to crash.

Two years later she joined Starfleet. Her primary focus was security, she wanted to make sure what she was forced to endure would never happen under her watch. She also participated in the Hazard Team training spearheaded by Commander Tuvok & endorsed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard & Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

Favourite Sayings : N/A

Don’t worry.

Favourite food: N/A

Spicy food, the spicier the better.

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