Image of Lumipallo

Summary: An icewing trying to taste everything


Owned by:

Gender: Female (she/her)

Age: 10

Group: Icewing

Treasure/other notable possessions

A sturdy set of dinnerware.

Physical Appearance

Average height for an icewing her size, but a little on the chubby side.
White scales slightly tinged blue, pure white underscales. Dark blue, almost black, eyes.

Personality and interests

Very adventurous.
Lumi loves to try anything new, especially food.
She is impulsive, has spent many days sick after trying to taste something and ask questions later.
Can be rude due to her lower class upbringing.
She gets restless when in one place for too long.

Skills/special abilities

Normal icewing abilities:Frostbreath. Can withstand freezing temperatures.

Excellent hunter.


Low tolerance to heat. Poor night vision.

When she gets bored she gets anxious.

Her impulsiveness, she has gotten very ill more than once by eating fruits that she should not have eaten.


Lumipallo was hatched into one of the poorest families in the Icewing Kingdom. She grew up depending strongly on the Gift of Subsistence until she was old enough and strong enough to go on hunting expeditions for herself. She became so good at hunting that she grew bored with the prey available in the ice kingdom and ventured south looking for variety.

Occupation/trade/title (if any)


Favourite food

She is still trying to find it.

Anything else?

Not at the moment.

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