Quick GM Update

It’s really be quite a week, at least from my side. Start-ups have been coming in thick and fast and going by this morning’s batch they dont seem to be slowing down yet.

I’ve also been processing turns, I’ve a few to do today. Just heads up about the weekends. I should be available pretty much 7 days a week, though I can’t promise my energy levels nor my free time will always be the same. Weekends are far less structured and predicable than my working week. So I may from time to time process turnsheets over the weekend but my idea was to have a bit of a break from GMing during most weekends.

I’ve still alot of ‘game design’ work to focus on too. I’m conscious I owe city and town maps, along with ‘Fact Sheets’. Once I get a few of those under my belt I’ll then need to turn my attention to creating the ‘Card Tokens’ too.

I see we now have over 40 players, all at different stages of play, so very exciting.

A couple of points:
1] Icesi’s Codex: If you have a moment please jump over to Icesi’s Codex it’s a place for general chat, questions, raising issues and getting answers to some of the game mechanics, teething issues with the turnsheets and PDFs in general, this website, etc, etc. The society allows two main forms of communication. A general chat channel which you are able to see in your timeline and Tavern Talk. There is also a discussion section, similar to a forum where topics can be raised by anyone and the thread can be answered and replied by one and all. There is some interesting and useful information already forming there. I would strongly suggest you go and check this out: https://ilkor-pbm.com/alliances/icesis-codex/forum/arcadias-codex/

2] Player Profiles: I’ve super happy to see most of you embracing the favour of the game and assigning yourself your own profile picture. They look awesome and really help bring the game alive and adds another layer of uniqueness to each and every one of you. If you haven’t done so yet then please make the effort to give your character a face for others to see. 🙂 Further to that, did you know you can also customize your profile’s header background? It’s called a Cover Picture. Go to your profile and by editing this you are able to upload a backdrop that is more in keeping with your character.

Anyways, I thought it a good time for a quick update from my side. Still tons of work to do and many teething issues to address, but so far so good from my end. Everything at the moment appears to be hanging together, no major problems…touch wood! 🙂