Myth or Mythos

Dr. Peter Maxximoff rubbed his sore neck after hours of research on his new project. He was unsuccessful at understanding the data he was getting and to make it worse he had even more questions as he wasted more valuable resources and money on this study. He was determined to solve this mystery but knew he would go broke if he continued to spend money carelessly. Seeing as he needed a break he transferred the metal fragment back into the small chest that it came in since it seemed to go dormant inside of it. Then he went to the break room to get a doughnut and some coffee to help regain his focus. He saw some of his employees there who were taking a break as well and talking shop or about their plans after work. Dr. Peter Maxximoff had made a lot of money with his inventions and had contracts with the government that brought in a lot of money, however he had to be careful on his budget since he had to keep buying more resources to keep business flowing.

After a hot cup of coffee and a cold doughnut he popped his neck to relax a bit before he got a phone call. He told his secretary he would take it in his office and made his way there to pick up the phone. On the phone he realized it was Dr. Grant who was the archeologist that sent him the fragment with mysterious power.

Dr. Maxximoff: Hello? Dr. Maxximoff here.

Dr. Grant: Hey Peter.

Dr. Maxximoff: Ahhh Alan! How are things?

Dr. Grant: Quite interesting actually. Remember that fragment I sent you?

Dr. Maxximoff: Yes I am still trying to crack that nut.

Dr. Grant: Well I might have found something on that subject.

Dr. Maxximoff: Do tell.

Dr. Grant: Well when I was deciphering a scroll I found the name "Nodens" a few times. So I looked it up and found a few references to that name. Apparently Nodens was a male deity or Elder God long ago. He was the lord and master of the night-gaunts.

Dr. Maxximoff: Night Gaunts?

Dr. Grant: Yes. The Night-Gaunts was a race of strange flying creatures that hunted people like our version of demons.

Dr. Maxximoff: Oh how peculiar.

Dr. Grant: Yeah anyway Nodens was labled as an "archaic" god and is somewhat benevolent, opposing the frightening Nyarlathotep.

Dr. Maxximoff: Nyarlathotep? What is that?

Dr. Grant: Nyarlathotep, is a outer Godthat is active and frequently walks the Earth in the guise of a human being, usually a tall, slim, joyous man. He has "a thousand" other forms and manifestations, many reputed to be quite horrific and sanity-blasting. He seems to corrupt humans for his secret goals.

Dr. Maxximoff: Sounds disturbing.

Dr. Grant: It is. Anyway back to the Nodens. The name Nodens probably derives from a Celtic stem *noudont- or *noudent-, which is suggested they are related to a Germanic root meaning "acquire, have the use of", earlier "to catch, entrap (as a hunter)". Making the connection with Nuada and Lludd's hand, he detected "an echo of the ancient fame of the magic hand of Nodens the Catcher".
A temple to Nodens was found at Lydney Park in Great Britain. It features a surviving mosaic where the god is served by two long-necked seals or as more fanciful people have suggested, plesiosaurs, leading to theories as to the origin of the Loch Ness Monster and its possible connection to Nodens.

Dr. Maxximoff: So what does this have to do with the fragment?

Dr. Grant: I'm getting to that part. So the Nodens appears as one of the characters in the story of the "Fall of Cthulhu". In a passage from some document he is a resident of the Dreamlands and he appears hunting with several Nightgaunts. He seems not to have good relations with the Harlot.

Dr. Maxximoff: Okay? I don't see where this is going.

Dr. Grant: The fragment may very well be a piece of the Noden's spear that he used to hunt the Nightgaunts and defeat Cthulhu. It was said his spear could channel insane amount for energy resembling lightning. Does that help?

Dr. Maxximoff: Great scott!!

Dr. Grant: I had a feeling that might be the case.

Dr. Maxximoff: That fragment managed to overload all my tests with huge amounts of energy.

Dr. Grant: Well if it is really the real Mc Coy then you need to be careful with that thing. The Nodens spear was recorded to be able to destroy a city with one blast.

Dr. Maxximoff: Good to know. I have been only doing small exams for now but I will take more precautions from now on. No need to rush this.

Dr. Grant: Good man. Glad I was able to help.

Dr. Maxximoff: So how long before you finish your research?

Dr. Grant: It will be a while, but I will try to make time to stop by.

Dr. Maxximoff: Good man. You take care old friend.

Dr. Grant: You to Peter.

As they hung up both men contemplated what they managed to stumble on and wondered how it will affect the world in the future.


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