Open Eyes

The Blacksmiths was a small inn slap bang in the middle of Tucksley. Ruby Charity Palmer felt like an odd one out in this town, she was an American in a very English town. But Tucksley was the birthplace of her father, her grandparents and even her great-grandparents. Everyone had respected her, it wasn't often the locals got to meet a minor celebrity. The last time Tucksley had welcomed someone famous was when the king toured the town and that was years ago.

The sunlight pierced through the slightly open gap in the curtains. Ruby was still in bed when she felt it dance upon her eyelids, she yawned and rose from the comfort of her bed. "Morning already," she mumbled to herself, the night had felt short. She had that feeling like she knew she had dreamt, but couldn't remember what it was about. Pushing aside the blanket she walked slowly to the windows and drew the curtains further apart.

Her eyes took a while to refocus but something outside was different. The town had been invaded, it looked like a form of fungus, fungus of impossible size. Was she dreaming? No, surely not. This was Tucksley for sure, but how? She needed answers.


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