The Maelstrom

Marduk listened enraptured to the being known as Gelf. Such a fantastic whirlwind of excitement and adventure did she weave that Marduk could not help but take the stage himself.

The crowd began to clap as Marduk took a bow and considered what tale he would weave for his patrons this evening. It came to him then in a flash of inspiration and he began to sing.

Up on high the skies are blue,
The sun each morning born anew,
But down below, where nothing grows
The Maelstrom boils its poisoned brew

Long ago the world was bright
But now it wears a shroud of night
A broiling cloud, that rumbles loud
And fills the mortal world with fright

The Maelstrom covers all the lands
A horror made by human hands
Its deathly chill, does linger still
A storm no mortal can withstand

Some dwell beneath in fear and dread,
Some fly above where angels tread
But none may go, up or below
Or they will joined the Maelstroms dead

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