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Summary: Character Creation looking too complicated? Don't fret shtit, this guide is for you!

Character Creation Guide (See Game Information for Help)

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Age: 18 and up

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Choose from the available Ancestries. This will serve as a sort of template for your character.

Be aware, your Ancestry plays a big part in other people's first impressions of you. Everyone has their biases and prejudices, you'd do well to take note of how other people are most likely to see you... or... I dunno, don't. It's up to you man.

[ex.] Dyre


Scavers, Mercs, Faction agents.

What sets Badlanders apart from these fields is their locale; Badlanders specialize in lawless settings, and may seem rude or standoffish in more lawful or civilized places.



Badlanders come from all over, and can have ties with just about any group. Specifically, Badlanders are most likely to be linked with groups the common Indan has never heard of.


You're looking at a gruff, weathered individual here, most likely to look like a cowboy. Badlanders can be eccentric, quirky, or even well civilized, but typically there will be a fine layer of dirt or dust on the clothes, and well worn or muddied footwear.


Seeing as how Badlanders come from all over, personality is a toss up here, but the typical disposition is gruff, hardboiled, anti-social, and about their business. Most Badlanders feel safe nowhere and are damn well sued to that feeling, so know that a conversationalist within this group will be an outlier amongst thier peers.

Despite their wide range of backgrounds, Bandlanders, perhaps more so than most other impoverished groups, tend to have a consistent interest in staying alive.

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