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Summary: Civies are the common person. Someone's gotta do it, and your typical Civie is usually glad to.

Typical Civie

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Group: Player Characters


Most likely humanoid. These are your Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Smallfolk. Goblins can be here too, but they're rare.


From your hairdresser that knows just how to make your do stand just right, to the potion maker that knows your favorite spell by heart, to the Mechanic that can jack in new implants and replace faulty ones without you ever feeling a thing, Civies are the normal people that make the world go round. After a hard day of being shot at, berated by your corpo-boss, or assailed by wild whargs, not many things are more placating than spending time with some regular old people.


Typically with businesses, very few will have ties with any big organisations, and even then they'll typically be the bottom-line.


Civies look like regular people, in all shapes, sizes, and ancestry. Your typical Civie is most likely to be average and unremarkable in most regards, a quirky skill, fashion sense, or occupation are what is most likely to make these people stand out.


Most Civies are helpful folk, but a lot of them can be self-centered too. While most abide by the law, and have an outward appearance of unproblematic civilians, many can sometimes harbor urges, desires, or fantasies that might set them apart from their peers. For the especially eccentric, some Civies may even find themselves involved in atypical situations that may threaten or alter their way of life, perhaps even shifting them into a totally new character group.

The lifeblood of Indas, these people are the builders, makers, workers, and sellers that keep Indas moving. Most are protected by the Enforcers and Daedalus Security, however civies have felt cramped by their overseers in the past. Riots are expensive and problematic, so the powers that be do what they can to keep the general populace unaware and content.

Some will carry small arms or knives, however weapons are restricted in some places and Civies are generally content, if not forced, to abide.

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