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Summary: Jack's wife who is trying to keep him sane

Amy Page-Gomez

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Other


Fisher Point, Michigan


Former Radio DJ, Fisher Point, Michigan
Former receptionist


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Chest/Hips/Waist Measurement: 37-25-35 in
Build: Toned from Yoga


She grew up in a wealthy family in Fisher Point Michigan. She had a wild streak in her and got close to Jack Gomez in school and eventually they were in love. She imagined herself marrying him but on their senior year during Prom her beloved Jack vanished. She had a mental breakdown after that and worked different jobs and sought various types of therapy. She got married for a short bit and broke it off after he cheated with the wedding planner. Eventually she became a DJ at the town radio station and she got snarky over time and when her ten year high school reunion happened she met her long lost love again. This was hard for her to deal with but she fell in love with him again. She had a big shock when she found out he was a professional killer, but he saved her father and herself from other assassins so she gave into the insanity and decided to bite the bullet and marry Jack in the end.

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Image of Amy Page-Gomez
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