On The Road Again

After leaving the restaurant, Jack, Charlie and Amy drove off to their hotel to collect their things. After they arrive and park they quickly begin packing up their bags to check out of the hotel. Jack is doing his best to get Amy to pack faster, but she was not ready for this and is still learning to pack light. Jack ran his fingers through his hair as he wondered if he made a good decision. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door and all three looked at each other. The person at the door said, "Room Service!" Charlie whispered, "Did you order Room Service?" Jack nodded no and whispered to Amy who was shocked at Jack as she looked at him in awe then replied loudly, "Okay! Give me a minute I am changing!"

Jack then told her to hide in the bathroom and Charlie hide behind the bed while he hid behind the door. Suddenly the door was kicked open and an armed mad burst in with a pistol and a silencer as he aimed for a target but saw none. The scare made Amy freak out as she tripped and moved the shower curtains to regain her footing. This made the gunman alert as he moved from the door to the bathroom. Jack used this chance to stab the killer in the neck with a letter opener as he grabbed the arm holding the gun and pulled it up to avoid Amy getting shot. The killer was in shock as he collapsed in Jack's arms. He muttered, "you?" as he saw Jack's face. Jack recognized the killer as Tills, one of the Spooks they worked with in the past.

Jack: Well Charlie, it looks like you pissed of someone big time. They sent Till's after you.

Charlie: Man I still don't know what I did.

Jack: Well lucky for you this guy was a solo gunman. Tills was an @$$hole so no one wanted to work with him back in the day, especially since his partners got killed working with him. I seriously doubt his attitude got better. He won't be missed by anyone.

Amy: Jack? Is it okay to come out now?

Jack: One minute please.

Jack looked out the door and found the maid cart was close by and grabbed some garbage bags off the cart and returned to the room and had Charlie help him cover the body in the garbage bags to hide it in plain sight. Then Jack and Charlie carried the garbage bag covered body through the empty hallway and opened the garbage chute to drop the body in. It was not that easy as it got stuck and they had to force it into the chute. However once it was in, it slid down into the dumpster down below. Then they returned to the room and packed up and left the hotel without making a scene. Once they were on the road again Jack checked to see if they were being followed and was relieved to see they were in the clear for now.

Since they sent a hitman from the CIA to kill Charlie it was clear the corruption was from the inside. Charlie must have accidently exposed something that they wanted hidden and now they were cleaning house. Charlie was worried on what to do next, but he was lucky Jack was willing to work with him. As Jack's former handler, he learned a lot about the lone wolf sniper soldier who became a spook. Back in the day Jack was like a demon possessed killer since he lived for the next mission. It was almost like he on a mission to kill all the bad people in the world. However he would have never figured Jack could have a new profound respect for life, much less love for anyone. This woman meant a lot to him and he pitied any fool who came between them.


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