The Plan

After they made a good distance from the hotel and saw they were not being followed Jack found a pay phone at a gas station outside of town on a dirt road and pulled over to make some calls. The first few people were not much help till he managed to get ahold of his former assistant Mary.

Jack: Mary? Its me.

Mary: Oh thank heavens sir. I was worried when you didn't check in. How is retirement going for you?

Jack: In progress.

Mary: That bad huh? Did your past come back to haunt you yet?

Jack: Kind of. I need info on anyone related to the American Literary Historical Society in New York City, which was actually a clandestine CIA office. Especially CIA Agent Charlie, CIA Agent Barber, CIA Agent Sam Binks, a CIA spook named Tills and the Condor Mission. I am short on quarters so call me back on this payphone when you have the intel.

Mary: Will do sir. Oh and be careful.

Jack hung up the phone payphone and sat in the car as they waited for the phone to ring. Charlie was a bit nervous as he usually did that kind of work but sadly all of his contacts were possibly compromised now. The last thing they wanted was to lure another hitman after them. Amy seemed curious as she looked at Jack and patiently waited for him to speak up. Charlie watched as the two lovebirds seemed to have a conversation with only their expressions and some word mouthing. It was like watching a soap opera for Charlie who's life was not entrusted to a neurotic hitman and his emotional yet sarcastic wife. After a good thirty minutes the pay phone rang. Jack held out his hand to gesture a wait sign to Amy as he exited the car. Then after two rings he picked up the pay phone and spoke.

Jack: Hello?

Mary: Oh sir.......How do you end up in these situations?

Jack: Chalk it up to bad luck I guess. So what did you find?

Mary: Well Agent Charlie is a wanted man by the CIA. Apparently he managed to expose a a cover up story. He seemed to have exposed a thriller novel with strange plot elements, despite poor sales it has been translated into many languages which is odd. Apparently its related to a rogue operation to seize Middle Eastern oil fields.

Jack: And Agent Barber?

Mary: Dead he was killed in the hospital after accusing Agent Charlie of shooting him and killing Agent Sam Binks.

Jack: And the spook named Tills?

Mary: Tills is a freelance assassin who has undertaken assignments for the CIA. He stayed with the CIA after you left sir. Did you cap him sir?

Jack: He's taking a dirt nap.

Mary: Thank goodness sir. He is not known for giving up on a target.

Jack: And operation Condor?

Mary: Oh that one is a toughie. Lots of redacted intel on that one. However word out is that a big score took place and the loot was lost. Whoever gets their hands on that is set for life. You don't by chance know anything about that sir?

Jack: Nothing concrete yet.

Mary: Sir I am very worried about your well being. Are you doing okay?

Jack: I'm still in progress, but I think I can handle this one with little effort. Thanks Mary.

Mary: Always a pleasure sir. Stay safe.

Jack: You too.

Jack returned to the car and let all that info sink in as Charlie and Amy looked at him with anticipation. Jack rocked back and forth as several plans ran through his mind and many of them failing due to flaws then he stopped as one of his plans seemed to work out in his head. He thought about it again and then smirked as he looked at Charlie and Amy.

Jack: I know we are gonna do next.

Jack looked at Charlie and and spoke.

Jack: Charlie do you still any credit cards?

Charlie was confused but answered Jack.

Charlie: Yeah but they can track me through that.

Jack: Relax I have a plan.

Charlie then opened his eyes real big as he caught on to Jack's plan. Amy was a bit confused as she wanted to know what they were talking about.

Amy: Jack what are you going on about?

Jack: Well we are gonna set up a trap to capture all the corrupt members of this project so Charlie can get his freedom back.

Amy: Are you gonna kill anyone?

Jack: I might have to if they start shooting, but you will be safe when it happens so please be patient with me.

Amy: You owe me big time mister.

Jack: I know but go easy on me okay?

Amy gave him a wary expression before she answered him.

Amy: Well see.

Then Jack kissed her hand as if he was apologizing and then turned on the car and headed for his next destination.


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