Close Call

About two hours later, the man exited the hotel. Michal smiled, realizing this was an opportunity to seize.

Speedily walking across the street, Michal entered the hotel. She spotted the elevator, taking it up to the fifth floor. She gazed in both directions of the hallway to verify if anyone was there.

Michal scampered down the hallway, spotting the suite number she had heard. Reaching into her small purse, Michal pulled out some small tools. She had the lock picked in less than two seconds.

Entering the suite, Michal closed the door behind her. She began to hunt for information that would help her figure out who this man was and his connection to Saad.

In a nightstand, Michal found a notepad. Leafing through the pad, she noticed a page with imprints upon it, as if someone wrote something on the page above this one. She ripped the page out and placed it in her purse.

Michal looked to the clothes closet. Rifling through the suits and coats, Michal found some business cards in one of the jacket pockets. The all had the same information:

Kaami Al Najjar
Kuwait Petroleum Company

She slid a business card into her purse. As she was heading toward the suite door, she heard a key sliding into the lock. Michal made a dash for the bedroom. Quickly sliding the balcony door open, she exited and slid the door shut behind her.

She was temporarily hid by the curtain in front of the door. However, it the man were to open the curtain, Michal would be spotted. She was five floors up and couldn’t jump.

Swinging over the rail, she slid down, catching herself by her hands on the floor of the balcony. If she swung just enough, Michal could fall to the balcony below. She counted to three and released, swinging herself forward.

Checking the door from the balcony to this suite, she found it unlocked. Sliding the door open, Michal entered the bedroom to find a couple in the heat of some serious love making. The woman looked up and screamed. The man stopped what he was doing turning around to spy Michal.

“So sorry!” Michal said in perfect English as she hurried to the bedroom door, “Good technique there! By all means, carry on!”

Michal didn’t stick round to see what happened next. She hoped it didn’t cramp their mood. She hit the stairway and hurried out of the hotel.

Soon, she was in the safe confines of her own hotel. Inside her suite, she braced herself against the door, taking a deep breath.That was close! It was time for another long hot oily bath.

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