Making a Referral

Michal made a call from a pay phone outside her hotel. Soon, a familiar voice answered, “Jerusalem Cleaners, how may we serve you?”

“Adi!” Michal confirmed it was her calling, “I’ve got pics to develop and name. Kaami al Najjar. Does it ring a bell?”

“I can’t say it does,” Adi admitted. “Is this the man that Saad reported to?”

“It’s the man that showed up at the meeting place,” Michal affirmed. “I have a picture, but have no place to develop it or make copies.”

“It wouldn’t do,” Adi thought aloud, “for you to send it to us. By the time we got it back to you, it may be too late.”

“What do you suggest?” Michal asked.

“I have a contact in the Brits’ SIS. From when I used to be you,” Adi added. “Let me contact him. Call me in an hour or so and call back.”

“Alright Adi,” Michal answered, “in one hour.”

Adi hung up and made a bird call. She called the yellow bird. A certain Canary, with whom she had formerly worked long side during the Six Day War.

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