The Plan part 2

Jack: Charlie do you still have any credit cards?

Charlie was confused but answered Jack.

Charlie: Yeah but they can track me through that.

Jack: Relax I have a plan.

Charlie then opened his eyes real big as he caught on to Jack's plan. Amy was a bit confused as she wanted to know what they were talking about.

Amy: Jack what are you going on about?

Jack: Well we are gonna set up a trap to capture all the corrupt members of this project so Charlie can get his freedom back.

Amy: Are you gonna kill anyone?

Jack: I might have to if they start shooting, but you will be safe when it happens so please be patient with me.

Amy: You owe me big time mister.

Jack: I know but go easy on me okay?

Amy gave him a wary expression before she answered him.

Amy: Well see.

Then Jack kissed her hand as if he was apologizing and then turned on the car and headed for his next destination.

Jack explained that Agent Charlie is a wanted man by the CIA. Apparently he managed to expose a a cover up story. He seemed to have exposed a thriller novel with strange plot elements, despite poor sales it has been translated into many languages which is odd. Apparently its related to a rogue operation to seize Middle Eastern oil fields. Charlie was not to thrilled to hear that but it did make sense now why things had escalated.

Charlie: And Agent Barber?

Jack: He was killed in the hospital after accusing you of shooting him and killing Agent Sam Binks. My guess he was being used by someone bigger and became a liability after failing to kill you.

Jack: And since I killed Tills our list got smaller. It turns out that Tills was a freelance assassin who has undertaken assignments for the CIA. He stayed with the CIA after I left.

Charlie: And Operation Condor?

Jack: The word out is that a big score took place and the loot was lost. Whoever gets their hands on that is set for life. I bet if we find where its at we can lay a nice trap.

Charlie: I see.

Amy: And this trap you mentioned, how dangerous is it?

Jack: Don't sweat the small stuff, I'll handle it.

Amy: If you die I won't forgive you.

Jack: Then I won't die.

After driving for an hour they arrive at the port and pull into an old abandoned warehouse. Its dark as they get out of the car and look around. It looks like this warehouse has been neglected for at least a decade. Jack looked around as he sucked on his teeth. Charlie and Amy looked around with disappointment and then were puzzled by Jack's expression. It seems like he was in the midst of a plan while looking at an old creepy warehouse that stunk of dead fish.

Amy: What an incredible smell you've discovered!

Jack: Yeah well I'll treat you to a nicer place after this is over.

Charlie: Umm.... so what are we doing here?

Jack: Well I am going to set things up here while you two go buy some flashlights and batteries with your credit card.

Charlie: Come again?

Amy: Seriously?

Jack: The credit card purchase will lure the big fish to my trap.

Charlie: And who is that?

Jack: You will see them when they show up.

Amy: If they show up.

Jack: Yeah yeah. We passed up a bait shop coming here. Go and by the flashlights and batteries and bring them here.

Amy and Charlie left as Jack popped open his trunk and pulled out a large suitcase as well as a sledge hammer. He then walked over to a large metal drain and began smashing the cement holding it on.

Meanwhile Amy and Charlie walked over to the bait shop in silence as they were not a fan of the situation on top of the smell of dead fish in the air. It took them ten minutes to get there and look around till they found several flashlights as well as batteries to make them work. Once they tested them out and had the batteries loaded, Charlie nervously used his credit card to pay or the purchase. He forced a smile as he took the receipt and nodded as the clerk told them to have a good day. The ten minute walk felt like an hour as they quietly walked back to the old warehouse only to see the car was missing and there was a large square hole in the ground along with some broken cement.

Jack then came from behind and spooked them as he was a bit sweaty. Amy was very startled and smacked his arm for scaring her. Charlie was rubbing his chest as he thought he was about to be killed. Then Jack looked at his watch and then had them set up the flashlights all around the hole in the ground. Then he led them behind some old crates and barrels to hide as he prepped his sniper rifle.

It was an awkward silence as they waited for a good fifteen minutes till a few black cars pulled up outside the warehouse. Then Sr. Agent Datwood who ran the CIA department that was over Charlie looked around and pulled out his revolver from his suit jacket while he signaled five agents to take up positions. They had their guard up as they were looking for Charlie and his helpers. As they got closer they saw the flashlights on the ground and the big hole next to the iron grate used for draining water. Seeing as they got curious enough to look into the hole, one of them saw something. So he slowly picked up the flashlight near him and pointed it into the hole. Inside the hole he saw several duffle bags and it looked like money was in the top one as it was halfway unzipped.

Agent Goon 1: Sir it looks like bags of money in there.

Sr Agent Datwell: Seriously?

After the team looked into the hole they could see the money spilling out of the hole in the bag. However Sr. Agent Datwell was a bit wary of where the people who dug it up were at. Then Jack pulled a fishing line real hard and a loud thud came from the entrance of the warehouse, causing the agents to turn around with guns pointing. Then Jack pulled a second fishing string real hard and a metal ring popped out of the hole and bounced on the cement. This metal ringing sound caused the agents to turn around to see where the noise came from since were on edge. As they pointed the flashlights on the ground they saw a metal ring on the ground and it looked familiar at first. As they tried to identify the metal ring it was a bit to late for them as an explosion blasted from the hole in the ground. The agents barely had time to mutter a sound as they were hit by lots of shrapnel. For a few minutes the whole warehouse was full of smoke and wounded men bleeding on the floor. Jack then checked on them with his sniper rifle and if the moved he shot them in the head. Then he led Amy and Charlie out of the warehouse around the gory mess.

Both Amy and Charlie were confused by what Jack had done as he escorted them to the car. Jack put his stuff in the trunk and then drove off with Amy and Charlie. Jack explains that he set up a trap with several bags of incriminating evidence linking Sr. Agent Datwell to the oilfield plan as a contingency "game" that was planned within the CIA without approval from above.

Charlie: But you blew up the evidence right?

Jack: Not really. The blast was set to go up so the bags under it won't take much damage. It will look like Sr. Agent Datwell was double crossed by the terrorist group over the oilfields. You will be a free man soon Charlie, however I think you should relocate and change your identity.

Charlie: Yeah. Maybe I should go to England and work in a museum.

Amy: Oh that sounds nice.

Jack: I'll get you a new ID and tickets to wherever you are going then Charlie.

Charlie: But how will I pay you back?

Jack: Don't sweat it.


Two weeks later Jack and Amy drop Charlie off at the airport and go back to the car.

Amy: That was sweet of you to help Charlie like that Jack.

Jack: Enough to earn some brownie points?

Amy: Maybe. It depends on how you plan to spoil me after this.

Jack: As you wish.

Amy: So when are you gonna tell me about the secret you are hiding from Charlie?

Jack: What gave me away?

Amy: Your eyes have a certain look when you lie.

Jack: You know me all to well. Is it because you love me?

Amy: Maybe. Spill it already or I'll put you in another time out.

Jack: That warehouse was the hiding spot for the missing loot. I took most of it as payment. Don't worry I'll have Mary put it in a secret account. With this we can live the high life with no worries.

Amy: You are so bad Jack, but I'll forgive you if you take me to a nice place for lunch.

Jack: As you wish.

Then they drove off down the road looking for a fancy place to eat lunch.


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