Your Money or Your Life

The Man in the Shadows held the case of cash in front of Charles Rai, pushing it closer towards him as if he were teasing him. Rai closed his eyes, whilst it looked like easily more than anything the SIS would ever pay him he wouldn't give in to temptation that easily. "You could just reach out and grab it, this instant!" the Man in the Shadows said in a snide tone. Then the Man in the Shadows turned and approached Rupert Poe. "Maybe your friend here would prefer the offer?"

Rupert shook his head. "I'm not one to give in that easily, I serve my country. Not you, no matter the price." Poe could feel the rifle being pushed deeper into his back muscle, the barrel embedded right against his spine. "Am I intimidating them?"

"Hardly," the Man in the Shadows scoffed. "During this operation's lifespan, we have had plenty of agents in here. We know when we have to keep a closer eye on them." Suddenly he slammed the briefcase closed. "I suppose I should have known that neither of you would choose the easy choice."

"I'm never easy."

"Clearly, I hate to admit this but I am a little disappointed. Even when I look past the arrogance, I can see the potential that you both have. It is as if it's calling out to me!" Like a two-bit thespian, the Man in the Shadows pulled his tightened fists to his chest.

"I'll take it," Rai said in a quiet voice. Quickly Poe and the Man in the Shadows turned to him, both in disbelief. "But I want Poe to be set free, no questions asked."

"That wasn't part of the deal."

"It's a part of my deal, if you want me to join you then you have to be able to work with me. Fair?"

"Charles - think about who you would be joining. What side you would be on?" Poe begged. "You're a better man than them."

"Trust me, Rupert, it'll all work out," Rai said calmly.

"If you both agree you'll effectively be the enemy."

"Rupert, I've got this. I understand."

"Very well, I will accept your offer..." the Man in the Shadows spoke slowly. "Guards please let Agent Poe out for me." In seconds a rag was tightly wrapped around Poe's eyes. Everything went dark...


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