Gan Singh - 10-Aug-3052-B

Region: Federated Commonwealth
System: Gan Singh
Galactic Coordinates: X 41.613 : Y -79.668
Planet: Gan Singh IV
Primary Planetary Climate: Tropical
Approximate Population: 1,156,000,000

Unit: Black Wolf Rangers
Regiment: Aerospace Wing
Location: BWR Lancaster
Black Wolf Ranger - Aerospace Operations Center

Date: 10-Aug-3052
Local Time: 20:28:00
Temperature 36.4’ C
Precipitation 28% chance
Humidity 92%


Apparently, the guy who had been quoted as saying “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” has never had to deal with fliers as green as those flying into combat over Gan Singh IV.

From the Personal Logs of Nashiro Torii


The initial engagement plan had been textbook simple. The Werewolves as she had come to call those flying under her leadership would close to combat range at safe speed and then upon entering the combat box Oni and No-Go in their two-ship of Cheetah’s would accelerate to full burn and charge the enemy formations.

The hook would be that the two-ship would not engage but rather bypass the enemy formations at speed and head out of range of the enemy weapons while Mercy and Viper flying a pair of Stingrays in their shadow would then close on the enemy from behind and engage them taking out as many of the hostiles as they could before the Cheetah’s pull a 180 and close back in gun range and take on anyone that was left.

Honestly, Mercy hadn’t thought the plan would prove all that effective given that it was an obvious ploy but she apparently had overestimated the enemies combat experience and as the pair of Cheetah’s had passed through the formations heading out of range five out of the six had turned to pursue leaving their tail wide open.

What followed was a blood bath with Mercy and Viper taking out two of them in rapid succession and crippling a third. A moment later the Cheetah’s rushed back into box taking out a fourth while the remaining two turned tail and made a run for the planet where in Viper scored the fifth and final kill of the engagement.

Site Rio "Black Wolves Aerospace Operations Staging Area"
Date: 10-Aug-3052
Local Time: 22:15:00
Temperature 36.9 C

Mercy slid down the ladder the ground crew had connected to the side of her stingray dropping to the hardtop in a fluid motion. Her gaze drifting skyward as a four-ship of Cheetah’s passed overhead redeploying south to address support for ground allied forces. Viper joined her a few minutes later his gaze tracking the four ship as it disappeared into the clouds.

“ I honestly can’t believed that they flew right into that.” Mercy sounded off as she dropped her nerohelmet into her duffle before pulling free her squadron jacket.

“ You’re telling me.” Viper echoed as his gaze turned back in her direction. “ I felt I was taking advantage of a bunch of drunk college girls at a frat party.”

“ Honestly, even drunk college girls still should have seen that play coming 5 sectors out.” Mercy couldn’t help but offer aloud as she pulled her jacket over her shoulders, pulling the zipper up halfway.” That was a textbook engagement right there and they should have done anything other then the obvious.”

Viper noted the tone in her voice and nodded. “ What are you thinking Chief? ”

Mercy’s could only shrug “ I don’t know what I’m thinking Viper. I just know it shouldn’t have been that easy is all Im saying.”

Word Count - 497

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