Chapter 1

"Did the Katapeshi even seek a peaceful resolution? Can the pact masters honestly expected to broker peace?" Laracell asks
"These are Gnolls and birgands Laracell, even here in Qadira we fight them and for what? Fighting evil is its own reward? In Katapesh actually people look out for my bottom line and Family history is important to me, Kelmarane is the homeland of our ____ [Good Air or Evil Fire Djinn Efreet] Ancestors if I need to remind you" Carrissa remembers saying before leaving Qadira as she rides in the caravan wagon.
With her the Kobold "Vorliax" who is like her also like you, a Sorcerer and Emmeric the Chelaxian white mage of Nethys.

The Caravan Driver “Reshma” calls out “were almost at the camp site, should be right over this hill” as Carrissa in fond remembrance of her dear brother “My once Master Pirate King Count Vodhhaviir would have you on your knees but you barely notice me, how times change.” says the kobold says giving Carissa a solid look. "No time for that now" says Emmeric we need to gather our barings who knows how ready we need to be when we arrive in camp.

Oddly enough all three of have crossbows Emmeric has a staff, Vorliax with a small Kobold sized spear and Carrissa with an extra large spear appropriate for jousting. She also has two Lapis Lazulis, 1/5 lb of gold coins and a single platinum coin.

[You have 3 skill points to apply. If you know Pathfinder you can apply them yourself or I can guess your skills as we play or i can email you your skill information]

Pick 4 0 level spells

Acid Splash
Arcane Mark
Dancing Lights
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Disrupt Undead
Ghost Sound
Haunted Fey Aspect
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost
Read Magic
Touch of Fatigue

pick two 1st level spell

Abundant Ammunition
Adhesive Spittle
Adjuring Step
Air Bubble
Alchemical Tinkering
Alter Musical Instrument
Alter Winds
Animate Rope
Ant Haul
Anticipate Peril
Auditory Hallucination
Blurred Movement
Body Capacitance
Burning Hands
Cause Fear
Charm Person
Chill Touch
Color Spray
Comprehend Languages
Corrosive Touch
Crafter's Curse
Crafter's Fortune
Cultural Adaptation
Damp Powder
Dancing Lantern
Decompose Corpse
Delusional Pride
Desperate Weapon
Detect Secret Doors
Detect Undead
Discern Next of Kin
Disguise Self
Disguise Weapon
Ear-Piercing Scream
Endure Elements
Enlarge Person
Expeditious Excavation
Expeditious Retreat
Fabricate Bullets
Fabricate Disguise
Feather Fall
Flare Burst
Floating Disk
Forced Quiet
Gentle Breeze
Glue Seal
Gravity Bow
Handy Grapnel
Heightened Awareness
Hold Portal
Hydraulic Push
Icicle Dagger
Illusion of Calm
Invisibility Alarm
Ki Arrow
Liberating Command
Line in the Sand
Lock Gaze
Long Arm
Cant choose mage armor
Magic Aura
Magic Missile
Magic Weapon
Marid's Mastery
Memorize Page
Memory Lapse
Mirror Polish
Mirror Strike
Moment of Greatness
Monkey Fish
Negative Reaction
Obscure Poison
Obscuring Mist
Open and Shut
Phantom Blood
Polypurpose Panacea
Protection from Chaos
Protection from Evil
Protection from Good
Protection from Law
Ray of Enfeeblement
Ray of Sickening
Recharge Innate Magic
Reduce Person
Refine Improvised Weapon
Reinforce Armaments
Repair Undead
Restore Corpse
Sculpt Corpse
See Alignment
Shadow Weapon
Shocking Grasp
Shock Shield
Silent Image
Snapdragon Fireworks
Sow Thought
Stone Fist
Stone Shield
Strong Wings
Stumble Gap
Stunning Barrier
Summon Minor Monster
Summon Monster I
Sunder Breaker
Sundering Shards
Theft Ward
Touch of Combustion
Touch of Gracelessness
Touch of the Sea
True Strike
Undine's Curse
Unerring Weapon
Unprepared Combatant
Unseen Servant
Urban Grace
Vocal Alteration
Wave Shield
Weaken Powder
Web Bolt
Windy Escape
Winter Feathers
Wizened Appearance
Youthful Appearance

Over top the last rise, the caravan camp comes into view. Half-dozen wagons and a large tent clustered around the distinctive tree comes into view. Camels in a nearby pen prance in agitation, and a clutch of confused goats and livestock wander the grounds around the wagons. Perhaps a dozen men and women rush around the campsite, chasing down an animal or hastening toward the center of the cluster, near the Sultan’s Claw the landmark tree, with pails of water in their hands. One of the wagons is on fire! Lush orange and red flames engulf an elaborate wooden wagon emblazoned with painted moons and stars. A gout of smoke pours from an open door, and as you approach an ill wind blows a number of colorful fortune-telling Harrow cards from inside the wagon. Emerric, one of these singed cards blows directly at him, catching against his chest in a burst of orange cinders. It is the Cyclone, signifying a force that tears through whatever it meets at the behest of an intelligent being. The card portends war, arson, and destructive plans. As your dazzled eyes shift their focus from the Cyclone back to the wagon, the whole of the Sultan’s Claw erupts into brilliant flame. The central flap of an elaborate tent flies open and a regal woman who can only be Almah steps out into the firelit night. “Douse that flame!” she shouts to the men surrounding the wagon before turning in your direction. “Ah, Garavel!” she says. “And just a moment later than the nick of time, as usual.”
Looking specifically past her major domo and directly at the trio of casters, Almah barks out a simple order before running off toward the fire: “Find some way to help!”

Normally I would assume I know what Carrisa will do in situations like this but im still learning about Carissa

When we reach the ends of messages like this suggest courses of action

give flashbacks.

How familiar are you with pathfinder? I kinda feel like you know what you are doing because when you chose sorcerer and chose to have high Charisma and thats the best stat for a sorcerer unless you plan on multiclassing.

Im intending as PbEM so it doesnt need to be public

In email I can send Color pictures

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