Episode 4

It was very cold and dark grey with the sky and air at the castle.

This castle was home to someone.

It was not No Heart's Castle.

It was Cold Heart Castle.

The name comes from its owner.

That would none other than Professor Cold Heart and his assistant named: Frostbite.

It had been some time since the last attempt to stop the Care Bears.

Inside the castle...

"It's been far too long since those Care Bears thwarted my plans!" An older and colder Cold Heart shouts.

I know, Boss! Frostbite replied in agreement.

With that, Cold Heart got off the chair to his computer that was watching Children on earth doing goodness.

"...look at those goons, they all think they're such wonderful little do-gooders, but they don't know how it feels to have their hearts frozen over! And if some dark cloak man can mess with their feelings, well so can I!" He presents a special machine that will freeze someone's heart with remnants of the Cloud of Uncaring...

"Frostbite, I present to you, the Cold Heart Stare. I made this from that crazy man's cloud that once brought uncaringness to all the world."

The Cold Heart Stare machine was a robot.

This robot had many ice cold abilities.

Along side that, Frostbite. I will turn the earth into a frozen earth!

Cold Heart led out a very evil laugh.

As did Frostbite.

The question, boss. How does it work? Asked Frostbite.

"It can turn anyone's heart into a heart of cold. And once everyone's hearts have been frozen over, they'll all connect with each other and begin to freeze everything they touch!"

What do you say we test it on the children on earth, Frostbite? Asked Cold Heart.

I get the coldest feeling this is going to be a freezing success, boss! Said Frostbite with excitement!

With that, The duo with the Cold Heart Stare Robot walk to the balloon and off they were to start the eternal uncaring winter!

The robot began on two kids playing catch, spraying one of them with a cold mist.

The one kid who was sprayed by the robot's cold mist was starting to feel the effects as the ice was starting to cover his body.

But their heart was affected the most as they just carried the ball away from the park.

As they did that, Cold Heart and Frostbite started growing evil smiles!

Then a cat was stuck in a tree with a kid trying to get him down.

Let's give that cat and kid an ice helping hand, Cold Heart! Frostbite requested.

"Yes! Fire!" The robot sprays the mist onto both the kid and the cat.

And the effects took hold of them as well as the other two kids before them.

And Cold Heart laughs...

As this was going on Earth, In the kingdom of Caring, The Care Bears and Cousins were not yet aware of what was happening down on earth.

In Care a lot, The Caring meter started to make noises.

Oopsie immediately heard...

The caring meter became noisier in an alarming way!

"Uh oh!"

Soon, all the Care Bears and Cousins are shocked by the alarming noise from the caring meter.

Tenderheart looked through the star telescope!

"Whoa, what's wrong with those kids?"

I don't know, Tenderheart. Answered Cheer Bear.

You think It could be No Heart with Beastly and Shreeky? Asked Birthday Bear.

I am not sure. Answered Tenderheart.

Whatever it is, it is making the caring meter fall down to an all-time low. Replied Harmony Bear.

"But something's wrong with their skin... they're turning... cold?" Funshine ponders.

Funshine was correct!

They're skin was icy cold.

Swift Heart was quick with an idea.

Let's go down to earth and find out what is wrong with those children.

Tenderheart replied.

Good idea, Swift Heart!

Let's go! Replied Love a Lot Bear.

The Care Bears fly down in their mobile.

Soon, They arrived at the icy cold scene.

"Are you ok?" Cheer bear asks.

The kids stopped what they were doing and looked at The Care Bears.

But they just ignored them.

Swift Heart replied to that.

What has gotten into them? Swift Heart also asked.

I am not sure. Answered Love A Lot.

With that, The kids began to slowly stop moving as the icy heart grew colder in the hearts of the kids.

Within seconds later, The kids turned solidly frozen statues!

The Care Bears ad cousin gasped.

"They became frozen solid!?" Brave Heart shouts.

It looks like so! Grumpy Bear added.

After saying so, Grumpy Bear and the others saw it start to become very cold in the air.

As the area slowly started to freeze like the children as it began to snow.

"Could this be who I think it is?" Tenderheart gulps.

They all stared at each other and shouted in unison!

Professor Cold Heart!

With that, Bright Heart Raccoon spoke up.

We should go to his castle and confront him and Frostbite.

The other bears and cousins all nodded in agreement.

Let's go! Replied Swift Heart.

With that, All the bears and cousins went back into the cloud cars and rainbow rollers to Cold Heart Castle.

Soon, the Care Bears Family arrived at the castle.

They hopped off their cloud vehicles and rush into cover in case they were spotted.

The Care Bears and Cousins slowly snuck into the castle through the front door.

With that, The Care Bears and Cousins could not find Professor ColdHeart or Frostbite anywhere.

Even after they split up into many groups.

The family arrived out the front door back together.

Lotsa Heart spoke first.

We looked everywhere and we can't find them anywhere. And that's the truth.

Maybe they knew they were coming? Asked True Heart.

I don't think so, True Heart! Answered Bright Heart.

I think He is gone because He and Frostbite are up to what is happening down on Earth.

Bright Heart was right!

"We got to find them and stop them!" Said Brave Heart.

And that's the truth. Replied Lotsa Heart Elephant.

With that being said, The Care Bears Family hopped back onto their cloud vehicles, and off they went to find the two cold-hearted troublemakers.

Meanwhile on Earth, The evil ice age was only getting worse!

The street now was filled with humans frozen as icy statues as ColdHeart, Frostbite, and The Freezing Robot were indeed behind this.

The street was covered with everything else in thick snow.

The icy trio was enjoying this with all their cold hearts.

What a day for us to be proud of! Coldheart said.

So far, so good, Professor ColdHeart. Replied Frostbite.

This is just the beginning! Soon, The Care Bears and Cousins will come and we will be ready for them all.

Back at Care a lot, The Caring meter was going lower as the level of caring on earth decreased.

This is very bad. Said Noble Heart.

Tenderheart spoke next.

We will find those three troublemakers and turn things back to normal.

Care Bears Family, I have a mission for every one of us. TenderHeart shouted.

We must split into teams.

One team will do whatever it can to melt the snow and save the world.

The other will have to go around the world in search of Professor Cold Heart and Frostbite.

Let's get to work and save the day! Tenderheart shouted.

Right! All the Bears and Cousins shouted in unison as if they were soldiers.

With that, a team was made and was off to fight the cold-hearted forces.

The others went to search for Coldheart and Frostbite.

Hugs, Tugs, Grams Bear with Take Care Bear stayed behind if they were to be ready to heal the injured or take care of Hugs and Tugs.

As they were too young to go on Caring missions.

Back at Cold Heart castle, The trio watched on their computer monitor to see what the Care Bears were up to.

You were right, Boss. Said Frostbite.

Indeed! Replied Cold Heart.

Cold Heart Stare robot, Let's go and freeze some of those do-gooders.

The robot nodded and the trio was off to freeze them.

One team that was helping melt the icy statues and freezing the kids was made of Noble Heart, Grumpy Bear, and Good Luck Bear.

As they landed in a small town in the united states, they were shocked by what they saw!

A frozen town with frozen people of all ages!

We got to unfreeze them and the town. Replied Good Luck Bear.

With a little luck as well. Grumpy Bear also replied.

With that, The horse and two bears went to a playground with lots of frozen children.

The trio started to concentrate on their minds and used a stare to free the children from their frozen prisons.

Unknown to them, they have been followed.

As they were staring at the frozen children with their tummy symbols, The trio sawed that it was not working.

It is not working at all! Said Grumpy Bear.

Looks like our luck ran out. Said Good Luck.

That is because my robot has its own freezing properties. Said Coldheart from behind the trio.

The trio gasped as the robot hit them with its freeze-ray arm.

It swiftly froze the two bears and cousins in their place before they could run away.

They let out an evil laugh as the horse and two bears were frozen solid.

After that, they went on to freeze other Bears and cousins as they did with the first three.

Meanwhile in Care a lot, The four bears were getting worried as they have been gone for quite a very long time.

I am getting a little worried, Grams Bear. Said Take Care.

Me too. Said Grams Bear.

Perhaps, we should go looking for them. Hugs said as Tugs nodded in agreement.

Good idea, Hugs. Said Grams.

Hugs and Tugs, stay close to us as we go down to find them.

Okay, Grams. The Cubs said in unison.

With that, The four got into a cloud car, and off they were to find the others.

According to the caring tracking monitor, They are located at Cold Heart Castle. Said Take Care.

They must have been captured! Let's go and save our friends. Said Grams.

Soon, they arrived at Cold Heart Castle.

Grams said to the cubs.

You two stay in the cloud car until we get back.

Okay, Grams.

With that, Take Care and Grams went inside the castle through the front door.

They were as quiet as mice.

Grams and Take Care soon found a room where Coldheart and Frostbite were napping.

They were tired and were taking a rest after freezing most of the planet.

They would finish what they started after their nap was done.


Grams nodded as Take Care and she got past the sleeping duo.

The two bears suddenly find an icy beam coming right at them. It first hit Grams and then Take Care last of all.

The robot caught them and added them to the almost complete Ice statue collection.

As cold-hearted Professor and Frostbite were reminded of this by the robot as they woke up from their nap.

The trio of Ice cold-hearted let an evil laugh that was heard by the Cubs who snuck in and saw everything.

Hugs asked Tugs a question.

Do you think this idea can help, Tugs?

Worth a try. Answered Tugs.

Their plan was set and placed into action.

Hey, Robot! Hugs cried to the robot. It then went after her to add her to the collection.

As Hugs was being chased by the robot, He chased her to a dead end.

As he charged and was about to freeze her, she moved very quickly out of the way and that made the robot take on such an amount of damage from crashing into the wall.

The ice statues in the castle and around the globe started to melt and turn back to normal.

Coldheart was very cross.

He and Frostbite cornered the two cubs as he was about to turn them into icicles.

That is when the rest of the Care Bears and cousins arrived at the scene.

Tenderheart shouted this.

Care bears and Cousins, count down!

4, 3, 2, 1, and stare!

That being said, The family let out a stare from their tummy symbols and that made Frostbite and Coldheart retreat.

You have not seen the last of us, you care bears!

We will get you, next time!

Back at Care a lot, The Bears and Cousins were celebrating another triumph over the forces of evil.

Cold Heart and Frostbite will be back to get another try for revenge.

But, that's another story.

The end!

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