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Summary: you are either born a willow or born a oak, there is no other way. me I'm a oak.

Amelia Kleberg King

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Gender: female

Age: 60

Group: The Kings


rancher/ owner of the ranch

Physical Appearance

5'6, thin build with, dark eyes and long blond hair that has gone almost white with age.

Personality and interests

she is a strong woman with a large presence. the kind of person to take up space in a room even if she doesn't say anything. she has rough hands and a gentle calm soul.


Amelia King was born and raised on the king ranch, her father Jay king had inherited it from his father and his before him. as the only one of three daughters who showed interest in ranching, he had left it to who.
she married late in life at 30 then had her 4 children. she spent the rest of her time juggling running the ranch and raising them and teaching them the way of life on it.
Now just after her 60th birthday Amelia is looking to get ready for the future of the ran by passing it down as well to one or all of her children. the next few years will show her what the answer to that might be.

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Image of Amelia Kleberg King
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