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Summary: The only difference between flying and riding is how far you fall when you fuck up.

Cyrus Riddell

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Gender: Male

Age: 29

Group: The Cowboys/girls


Cowboy / Pilot
Day Worker

Physical Appearance

Long, curly chestnut hair
Green eyes

Personality and interests

Cyrus is a bona-fide cowboy, having handed for other ranches in Texas growing up including the 6666 and the Waggoner. He loves riding horses, and he loves flying helicopters even more. Cyrus is also a singer and guitarist, and can occasionally be found sitting under the stars playing Keith Whitley songs.


Cyrus grew up in Texas his entire life, and his father taught him to cowboy from the age of 5. After his father died, Cyrus enlisted in the U.S. Army and after three years, he began flight training in the Lakota program. After his contract expired, he started looking for a job and discovered that King Ranch was hiring an executive pilot for their new Bell 407 helicopter. Working on a ranch AND getting to fly? Cyrus knew he needed that job.

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Image of Cyrus Riddell
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