Sam looked into Marley’s eyes and lifted a hand to brush the blood soaked hair from her beautiful eyes. The other hand held hers.

“Not having a sister, I can only imagine how you feel right now,” Sam emphatically stated. He lifted Marley, giving her support she needed just to stand. “Let’s go to the gift store. It’s on me.”

He led Marley to the gift shop. They had clothing, soap, and shampoo. “Get whatever you need,” he said as they entered the shop.

Embry’s discussion in the hallway was getting heated. Everyone could see he was angry as cornered wildcat. He was trying to keep the conversation low key, but he was losing the battle.

“You can’t do that!” Jack insisted in a low growl. “Jurisdiction my shit!… They were firing from another country into the United States….Well suppose the state commissioner would like to come and explain to Mrs. King how he believes we should turn lose her daughter’s shooter!”

Embry threw his phone against the opposite wall. He didn’t care; it belonged to the state. “Damn politics! Go to hell with the politics!”

Mukwooru arrived at the ER. He saw Amelia and Kate sitting next to one another. He didn’t see anyone else. No Pahayoko. No Topusana. An instant frown came to his face as his eyes reddened, fearing the worse.

He slowly approached Amelia. “I’m sorry,” he tearfully admitted. “Who?” He was afraid to hear her response. He didn’t realize Sam was with Marley at the gift shop.

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