Waiting game pt I forgot

Amelia looked to the man " oh chef....thank you for coming....it's um...it my middle daughter and a hand of ours..we don't know much they are still in surgery.. you didn't have to come all this way." Kate flinched at the sound of embery throwing the phone and patted her mom's shouler leaving her to chat with the chef while she went to check on the ranger. " what's going on?" She asked as she came closer.


After buying what they needed they found a empty room and used the shower. Marley felt alittle better now that the blood was off of her. She padded out of the bathroom in sweats a t shirt an socks. The clothes were alittle baggy and they had the name of the hospital on them but thew were clean and that was good enough for her. She smiled at him softly. " thanks that helped alot..."

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