Politics and a Call For a Truce

Embry looked at the fiery redhead that he was learning to appreciate more by the minute. “I’ve been suspended,” he angrily stated. “I did my job and I got suspended.”

Jack shook his head as he looked downward now, not sure how the King’s would take what he was about to say. “And because I crossed into Mexico and brought the perp back to the US, the State Commissioner is suggesting we release him back into Mexico. Damn politics!”

Chief Mukwooru took the seat that Kate vacated. He looked at the woman he had referred to as the Dragon Woman. She seemed to be a shell of that woman in this instance. He understood. He felt the same until he found out that Pahayoko was okay.

Still, he knew that he could not hold animosity at this time. To be truthful, the Chief admired Amelia King, despite calling her Dragon Woman. The very reason he called her that, was what Chief Mukwooru considered a strength. Yes, she was hard, yet she had a strength about her. She worked hard at maintaining the ranch. She was good at it, and she took care of the land.

“I’m so sorry,” the Chief offered Amelia. “I have been praying to the Great Spirit to give what was once the nation of Comancheria back to us. Your land is part of that territory. So are parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Mexico.” He paused before his next statement. “But this is not how I wish that to happen. We need to talk about stopping our fighting amongst ourselves. We have a common enemy, coming from across the border. The drugs they bring across are destroying my people. They are shooting yours. We must work together to stop this.”

While Marley was getting cleaned up, Sam texted Toppy to let her know he was alright. He let her know Rainey was in surgery, along with Alex, with whom he had done some work. He told her he was currently at the hospital with the family.

When Marley exited, Sam smiled. “You look much better as a blond than a redhead,” he teased to try to alleviate some stress. “Do you wish to rejoin the family? Or would you like to see if the snack bar has chili dogs?”

He hoped to bring the cheerfulness back to her. It was good to see her smile return.

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