Chief Mukwooru arrived upon the reservation and his eyes began to water at the state of his people. He had been fighting against his neighbors for the land, when I reality, the true enemy had been crossing the border and providing the drugs that kept their people hopeless.

As soon as he arrived at his office, the Chief began the change. He fired his worthless son, the drunkard and the Great Spirit knows what else. He kicked the man out of his home and forced him to stand on his own two feet. Perhaps the man would finally grow.

With word that Rainey and Alex would recover, Sam gave Marley one last hug and returned to the ranch. With Alex out of commission, and the others taking shifts being by Rainey’s side, Sam realized he must somehow get the work done.

Sam went for the bunk house, took a shower, and put on fresh clothes. He realized it was late, so he called Toppy again. The kids would be asleep. Maybe she could step outside for a while; Sam just wanted to see her. They had to talk.
When she answered, he asked Toppy to meet him outside of her new home.

After meeting with the Captain, Embry was so heated, he needed to cool off with some cold beer. The higher ups wanted him fired for crossing the border. The Captain had them talked into accepting a suspension. Suspensions were usually until an investigation was completed. Hell! There would be no investigation on this. Everyone was upfront; even Jack reported what he had done.

When Embry handed over his badge, he told the Captain he could shove it. He would take care of the people his own way. The way that showed action. He could care less about politics. Those people were crossing the boarder every day. Who were they reporting to on this side?

After a few beers, Embry decided to see how Rainey was doing. He didn’t know if Kate would be home, or even if she was, if she would be awake. He went to the King Ranch and rang the bell.

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