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Summary: A Jedi Knight with more experience in war politics than cutting up Battle Droids.

Ava Valorum

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Jedi


Eriaduan Human


Ava is sufficiently proficient with wielding a lightsaber and utilizing typical force capabilities, however she has no spectacular abilities in either area.  She has found herself doing more politicking and strategic planning than most Jedi her age after taking on those responsibilities from her deceased master.


Jedi Knight

Physical Appearance

Ava stands at about 5'8" (1.7 meters) high and weighs about 135 pounds (61.2 kg).  She has thinner straight black hair that she typically likes to let become quite long, a somewhat aquiline nose, and she has vivid round emerald eyes.  Green is her favorite color, and she most often wears some shade of the color when she can help it.  Her lightsaber blade is also green.

Personality and interests

Ava is typically quite reserved, however, her reservedness doesn't quite exude the same sense of serenity as say, Master Yoda's, but rather does in some ways feel more anxious and inadequate than the desired discipline of peace dictated by the Jedi Order. In general, while still being more disciplined in thought and action than the average person, Ava has not quite achieved the personality idealized by the Jedi Order. She does have her doubts and insecurities. She is self conscious of her mediocrity and she struggles to contend with her feelings of loneliness. After her master passed away, she has not found anyone else she feels she can be truly vulnerable to, and so she now wrestles with her doubts and struggles in silence.

Ava's latest doubt has come against the statute of forsaking attachments to other people, as she begins to wonder what her legacy will be in the likely occurrence of her death in the war. Does it truly make sense to die alone and unloved for the sake of not risking becoming attached to someone who could have a negative influence on her? Is the Jedi Order being excessively controlling by preventing her from experiencing love? Can she not have the good judgement to identify someone who could be good for her and make a critical difference in that person's life, therefore having a legacy of goodness that she can pass on?


As a scion of House Valorum, on of the more powerful noble houses in the galaxy, Ava's force sensitivity was identified very early in her life. The Jedi Order acquired her shortly after her infancy, and she was raised under their teachings. Upon becoming a Padawan, she came an apprentice to Jedi Master Kala Zaris, whom she eventually grew close to. Ava spent most of the next decade under her Master's wing until the Clone Wars broke out and her master perished in the Battle of Lanos, however, her sacrifice turned the course of the battle.

Ava took over responsibility of leading the Clone 76th Army on that planet. Under her watch, the planet was transformed into a fortress to meet a potential Separtist counter attack, which ultimately never came.

Eventually, she recieved aid from Master Kato's apprentice, Luna, and a band of mercenaries to investigate the suspected illicit conduct of Lanos' planetary Governor, Radall, and found that he had been engaging in corrupt activity with the Hutts and other criminal foreign organizations which could compromise the security of Ava's defense system. She had the rogue governor arrested and brought to trial, but even though the Governor was in prison, he still retained his position due to Lanosian law maintaining that he held that office until his death, resignation, or vote of no confidence from his government, the first of which wasn't occuring natuarally, the second of which Radall refused to do, and the third of which would only happen if Ava doled out bribes to certain Lanosian politicians, which she was not willing to dirty her reputation doing. Unfortunately, because Radall was still governor and he was now completely refusing to sign the documents needed for Ava to build in the areas necessary to patch the surveillance and line-of-fire gaps in her defense, the problems caused by Radall's corruption were unable to be fixed.

She found herself at an impasse until she complained to her brother Elrik Valorum, who was Eriadu's senator to the Galactic Republic, who then relayed her concern to a senate discussion that ultimately led the Senate voting to give Supreme Chancellor Palpatine the additional emergency power to unilaterally replace any governing official of any government and appoint a replacement. The potential effects of this legislation were far reaching, but for Ava in the short term, the effects were wonderful as the Chancellor replaced Radall and his difficult ministers with a compliant government that rubber stamped Ava's requests. She subsequently greatly refined her defensive network as she integrated her garrison force into the local police force, allowing her to solve crimes that the endemic corruption had made impossible before. Even as the front lines of the war moved away from Lanos, Ava's security crackdown and infrastructure program made planet a promising location for a supply depot, which it soon became.

While the Jedi Council was grateful for her efforts in transforming Lanos into a suitable stronghold, they were quite displeased about her using her family ties, the Chancellor's new power, and Ava's role in bringing that about. Their rebuke stung Ava quite deeply, further inflaming her doubts. She also soon discovered that she was finally being transferred, which she now had mixed feelings about...

Favourite Sayings

Perhaps we should think more about this...

Favourite food

Food is fuel!

But if she had to pick, Ava does find herself a fan of most fruits and fruit juices.

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