Astra woke with a start. " Master Master" She cryed panicked as she rushed from her bedroom down the dorm halls. This was to be her last night her tomorrow she would be boarding a shuttle to be taken to her Master she had passed her trials and was nolonger a yungling.

She ran out of the dorms into the main temple. " Master" she yelled in absolute terror. The girls screams could have woken the dead. She did eventually run right into jedi master kit fisto. She hit him so hard she fell backwards to the floor. She blinked and stared up at him.

" You could wake the dead with that scream Yungling" He said with a slight grin. Astra blinked as she stared up at him. It was tarable." She wimpered barking down into sobs.

He studied her a moment. " calm yourself yungling what has gotten to you?" He said.

She looked at him the tears did not stop as she slowly told him what she saw. She told him of a battle death and distraction.

" We are at war there are such battle rageing all across the galaxy. Your to focused on the future. It was probably a dream. Your meeting your new master tomorrow don't let your emotions get to you. Take some time to meditate and calm yourself then go back to bed" He instructed.

"Yes Master" she said and left headeding back to her room she was unable to meditate or calm herself. I fact she ended up staying awake all night. When it was time to bord her shuttle she was already redy. They took off and with in minutes they were on there way to meet up with her new master.

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