Space is a nearly infinite space and the number of ships you encounter as you travel is fairly limited. Traveling by secondary and trinitary space lanes gave Zacbob Tiphas, the humble droid engineer out of the Republic's eyes and even more so away from most of the battles.

Sitting dozing in his command chair back from the bridge the Sith Lord dozed off. A ship's phaser blast rocks his ship waking him from a nightmare which was the closest thing he got when he slept. The force had a way of doing things to your mind unless you mastered it. Voice of people crying out for justice, the face of a few of his apprentices, and the smell of death filled his mind.

"Report!" he barked to his droid crew.
In a mechanical voice the droid reported, "Two pirate ships have attacked us. One has a good firing position and the second is flying high cover to make sure we cannot run."

"It appears they are sending a boarding party over," another droid responded.
The Sith Lord sighed and got up from his chair.

"Have the hive on standby as I greet our visitors," He said heading for his quarters to put on his robes.

Getting near Hutt space always meant pirates. If they were reasonable, he could convince them that this plan of action was not in their best interest. A few words to start. Then the pirates normally came around or died.

As the shuttle latched on, Darth Yoirrai stood at the in the hallway. His hands were held together. His hood pulled up enough that it was hard to make out his facial features, his lightsaber in his hand. Black robes, hood, and boots made for a very ominous presence. He worked up the anger of the day in his mind. Betrayal, now being attacked, and having to repair the ship.

As the first pirate entered the hull, blaster fire erupted. With a little movement he had his light saber ignited and sent the blast bolt back at the gunman. The second one through the door he grabbed by the neck with the force using him as a club on the others.

"Welcome to my ship. Drop your weapons and come in," He said in a resonating voice.
He was expecting a double cross, a holdout weapon to be drawn and fired in a moment.

"Who is in command?" He asked.
One of the pirates responded, "I am."

With the force Yoirrai slammed him hard into the bulkhead dropping him like a paper doll.
"Now who is in charge?" He asked again.
"Captain Tryphus," one of the pirates said reluctantly.

Reaching out his hand and closing his eyes, he found the captain with the force choking his windpipe. Leaving the man struggling to breath on his bridge.

"Tell them to surrender to me now or you will all die," Darth Yoirrai.

Silently a swarm of small drones were released from the ship to float into attack positions. Some attaching themselves to the pirate ships.

"Now!" he commanded.

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