This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Rouladia is the capitol province of the Blessed Rouladian Empire. The capitol of Rouladia is Fortia. Rouladia is in an age equivalent to the Victorian age, in an otherworldly version of the Holy Roman Empire. Technology, fashion, and food are all at a level equivalent to the Victorian Age.


There are nobles and commoners in the empire. The House of Fortius is not very widespread, but there are other noble houses. Your character can either be human or a Bestiavir, which is a hybrid of human and nonhuman features (limited to non-mythical animals). Many Beastiavir are enslaved, or are at best servants. Beastiavir first appeared in the year 901 AD. Avian Beastiavir are particularly desired to serve in chapels and cathedrals because of their resemblance to the winged servants of the Lady of Light.


The state religion is Luxianism, and centers on the worship of the Lady of Light, Luc. Her foe is Mordun, the Lord of Darkness. The religion teaches many virtues, such as kindness, courage, and bravery, but its Revered Mothers (think priests) also teach that the Beastiavir are lesser creatures created to serve humankind. The primary belief is that Beastiavir, like animals, are without souls.

The Rebellion

The Beastiavir rebellion numbers in the thousands, though the effort is not very unified. Unknown to the Crown, the nominal leader of the rebellion is the Beastiavir brother of the emperor, Francis. The rebellion seeks the complete emancipation and equaliization of Beastiavir throughout the Blessed Empire of Rouladia, and they are willing to kill to achieve their goals.