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Summary: The Short Tempered Cat

Beatrix Williams

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Newcomer


Cat/Leopard Woman

Status/Family (if any)

Status: Single (For now)

Family: Little Brother - Jacob

Occupation or Trade (if any)


Skills/Special abilities (if any)

-Lock Picking

-Heightened Senses
-Heightened flexibility/agility


Heightened seneses means sensory overload
Short tempered

Notable possessions/weapons (if any)

-Satchel of supplies
-Medical supplies
-An old black ribbon

-Twin daggers
-Hidden knives
-Throwing knives

Physical Appearance

Blue eyes
Blond/Cream colored hair
Cat/Leopard ears/tail
Sharp teeth
Always in traveling clothes with a scarf

Personality and interests

Personality: Serious, stern, tough, fair, stubborn, short tempered, overprotective, loving, motherly/big sister type.

Interests: Adventure and keeping Jacob safe.


From the far North where her tribe was slaughtered, she has traveled for a long time with her younger brother, always keeping him safe. She is determined to find a safe haven one day for them both, but seems to always be attracted to adventure and travels.

Upon visiting the village, she met some people and now knows where she wishes to stay for the time being.

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Image of Beatrix Williams
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