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Summary: A hungry speedster that wants to help.

Riley Kinsmen

Gender: male

Age: 21

Group: Meta Underground (Humans/Metas)

Superpower (If Applicable)

Burst of super speed which includes heighten awareness and healing, but must intake a lot of calories to maintain.

Useful Skills

First aid, computers, hand to hand combat.

Rank/Title (If Applicable)


Physical Appearance

Runner's build, light tan skin, black hair, and gray eyes.

Usually wears track outfits.

Personality and interests

Friend and outgoing type. Usually seen snacking often offering to share.


Born into normal family life, Riley's powers would develop around puberty. His parents would help him contain his powers. After the death of his parents he began using his powers to help others.

Favourite Sayings

Anyone else hungry?

Favourite food


Anything else?

Has a long last brother he doesn't know about.

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Image of Riley Kinsmen
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