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OOC: Bye!

Too bad, this had potential to be really, really nice. Thanks, guys - I enjoyed writing with you. Johnny - I'll drop you an e-mail since you are not around :0) Thanks for nice writing ...

OOC: Same ...

I'm with the poster before on the subject of dropping out, that being said I already started a game of my own called Horror High ~ Feel free to join-up if your interested ... It was goo ...


Too bad. I was pumped for this. If there is any interest, I will start another 'game' elsewhere. Same genre, even same time period. However, if there is any interest, please suggest other id ...


I've been busy - sorry! But I have also been waiting for our game master - is there a plot, or what? Johnny - I loved your letter writing post, btw! I will try to write a reply tomorrow ...

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