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The First Person Fortnight competition

First person fortnight

This competition is now closed. Thanks for everyone who submitted. Please subscribe to this blog if you want to be emailed when the winner is announced.

First Person Fortnight is a great opportunity to really get into the head of your character (more details about the event here), but more than that it’s a chance to enter your stories into a competition! Simply write your story and then send it to us, for a chance to win! The final date for competition entries is the 22nd of July.

Who will judge the competition?

We’ve chosen a panel of roleplaying professionals to judge these stories. Each is a veteran of a different roleplaying game, so there shouldn’t be any favouritism or bias. Just so there’s no lobbying going on, the identity of the judges will be kept secret!

What’s the prize?

First person fortnight mug

The winner will receive this special mug!

The prize is a special limited edition one-of-a-kind mug commissioned especially for First person Fortnight. You’ll be proud to show this to your friends to boast about your accomplishment!

Spread the word!

If you’re the first to hear about First Person Fortnight in your game, make sure you let other members know too. If you’re the GM of your own game, why not have your own competition for the best first person post amongst your members, so that someone in your game will always be a winner! I’d also really appreciate it a lot of you mentioned First Person Fortnight on your Twitter or Facebook, to spread the word to other roleplayers.

You can also join the Facebook event so you can chat with other members about writing in first person.

What’s the closing date for the competition?

Make sure you submit your entries on or before the 22nd of July

Competition rules & terms

There has to be some rules for the competition! Here they are:

  • Your story should not be any longer than 5,000 words.
  • Your story must be written in first person perspective.
  • Your story must be written in English.
  • The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • By submitting your story you agree to grant OngoingWorlds free of charge, the right to publish your story online and in all media as required (we will never sell your story, and your rights are reserved).
  • Your entry must be entirely your own original work, not defame anybody nor breach any copyright.
  • OngoingWorlds reserves the right to disqualify any entry which breaches any of these rules.

This competition is now closed. Thanks for everyone who submitted. The winner has been announced here.