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David Ball

David Ball, Creator of OngoingWorlds

Hi roleplayers! OngoingWorlds is completely free. Problem is, it still has outgoing costs that need to be paid for like hosting & domain registration.

What would be excellent is if you could help support this website by donating to these costs.

Here’s some suggestions:

$20 – Donate a month’s hosting
The website costs $240 per year in hosting costs + $35.30 for domain registration. Covering the month’s hosting would be an excellent gift.
$30 – Get a mug
If you donate this amount I’ll send you a special OngoingWorlds mug!
Donate a specific amount
Choose your own amount. I drink lots of tea when working on the site, how about donating to some Earl grey?

Donations with perks

$2 per month – Hero membership
A monthly donation of just $2 makes you a hero. With Hero membership you can proudly display your avatar on every post, so everyone knows you donate. More info here.
$15 – Make your game private
Choose to make one of your games private – Only members will be able to see your posts & characters. During donation you’ll be asked which of your OngoingWorlds games to make private. When I get the confirmation I’ll make the game private.

Once you’ve donated, put a comment below so we can thank you!

  • Becca

    Have an amazing $50.13.
    Such a number because you run BD and I enjoyed it for an amazing 13 years. 🙂

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  • Mrxanadu

    Dave requires tea to operate? Hmm…this is intriguing, I theorized that there was some sort of tea powered life in the universe, but I never would have thought it would be so close!

  • CubanWriter .

    I really enjoy this site, and was glad to make my first donation today. Kudos to you for providing this resource to the online community.

  • CubanWriter .

    I hope it is okay, I have donated 24 dollars in an effort to pre-pay for 24 months of ‘Hero’ membership. -Cubanwriter

  • Rhiannon

    If you read the description for the Hero Membership, it still says that it’s a monthly donation of $1, but to get it you have to pay $2/month.

  • Largehobbit

    Hero membership is a great idea. Thanks Mobius64 for posting on the game forum and pointing it out 🙂

  • Nim Ir Arleth

    You’ve been too good to me David. This website is awesome and I’ve learned a lot from being a part of the OW Community.