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6 monsters you could encounter in your roleplay

Storm bringer

If your characters are embarking on an epic journey, or maybe exploring the world (or universe) you might bump into some interesting creatures. Some friendly… some not. Here’s a few creature ideas that you could either use or inspire you to create creatures of your own. 

BTW these are all plucked from the SciFi Ideas website, which is a useful place if you need some quick ideas.

monsterHorned Raxomajup of Bellatav Prime

Horned Raxomajup are large creatures native to the high-gravity world of Bellatav Prime. They have tough, armored skin much like a rhinoceros. They have musk glands in their feet, which they use to mark their herd’s territory and have an extremely strong sense of smell. In the wild, females of the species fight for dominance over their herds.  More about this creature here.

acid dragonThe acid dragon of Zeta Anchora 3

Acid dragons are large, bulky, ground-dwelling creatures that evolved from flying, wyren-like ancestors.
They body produce large amount of hydrochloric acid, which is stored in the sacks on the sides of their head. When hunting, acid dragons shoot the acid out of the fang-like tubes in front of their eyes. The strong acid causes severe burn to the prey, disabling or even killing the prey. The dragon will then “spit” more acid onto the prey and “dissolve” it into a semi liquid form, then suck it up with their tube tongues. More about this creature here.


The stocky, sluggish Boranus is a scavenger. It has an extremely keen sense of smell, and can pick up senses of death or near death from miles away. Boranus feeds mainly on already dead animals, as it travels through misty forest lands, looking for carrions. They’ll sometimes drive away smaller predators and steal their kills. Boranuses use the giant claws on their forelimbs to quickly dismantle the carcass then swallow the smaller parts whole. Like many other scavengers, they’ll eat anything they find, but prefer internal organs. Boranuses dine happily on their favorite item–manure-filled intestines, which most predators shy away from. More about this creature here.

Fungal houndThe Fungal Hound

Fungal hounds are tripodal, bi-tailed fungal/animal fusions; arising from a symbiosis of the two it represents an entirely separate branch of creatures. The fungal portions of the creatures completely account for all neural functions; reflexes, decision making, sight and other senses, as well as filling most digestive and respiratory functions. The animal portions account for all muscular functions. Light detecting “eyes” sprout from the creature on stalks, which can be replaced as needed. The frontal facial array senses movement and heat, as well as chemical traces (smell and taste). This creature is liquivorous, feeding on the vital fluids of its prey after using its potent venom to kill them. More about this creature here.

eyeless alien monsterThe Eyeless Iridescent Jumper

The Eyeless Iridescent Jumper is a predator of the 3rd planet in the Psi Liana star system, where it uses psychic powers to detect and hunt it’s victims. As it has no eyes, it has to rely on other sensors to move around. It’s photosensitive skin shines a range of iridescent colours, reflecting light and using these to “see” it’s terrain. More about this creature here.

Storm bringerThe storm-bringer

This creature, the storm bringer, is so gigantic that its respiration causes strong distubance in the atmosphere. Bad weather usually follows.

More about this creature here. is ran by by brother and is a useful resource for getting quick ideas. I’m co-host of his podcast, which you can listen to here