Adventuring: Continuing On

adventure time

We all have to face it one day. Our game will come to an end. The goal complete and the characters wrapping up the story nicely. Then, someone asks “Want to continue the story or just end it here?” Continue reading Adventuring: Continuing On

Original Characters AKA, YOUR Trademark

220px-RegisteredTM.svgOne surefire way to stay on track and expand your creative skills is to make a trademark for yourself, something you use a lot and it carries with you from place to place. This can range from something such as a signature, a saying, something personal. But, in the case of a roleplaying site i.e. Ongoing Worlds, an easy way to make a trademark is to have an original character. Why are they important and how can they make you feel more comfortable in a rp setting? Continue reading Original Characters AKA, YOUR Trademark

5 horrible scenarios to heighten drama in your story

game of thrones stark crying

Enjoy it or not, grizzly tense drama can be exciting, and you might want to create some exciting drama to put your character through. Here’s some ideas, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments at the bottom. Continue reading 5 horrible scenarios to heighten drama in your story

Ask the Admins Q&A

Raised-handsWonder how we do our jobs? Wonder who we actually are? Whether we’re robots,human hybrids, or aliens? What we like to do in our spare time or just general boring questions? Is Dave really a tea powered robot? Well! Now you can!  Continue reading Ask the Admins Q&A

I Made Something, And You Should Read It [It’s About Writing]

I'm tiredYeah, don’t ask me why the thumbnail to this is a picture of me really pissed off. I finished the thing and made this around 12:13 am and I have to work the same day so I was tired and cranky [pic’s a bit sloppy too]. But, long story short [trying to stride past my pissed off self] I wrote the first edition to something that could help you [or someone you know] with the in’s and out’s of the wonderful world of writing. Continue reading I Made Something, And You Should Read It [It’s About Writing]

15 Unusual Dwarf Types

DavidThis article was written by Jesse C Cohoon, I spotted it on the RoleplayingTips newsletter & thought it’d be really useful for someone roleplaying in a fantasy setting, so wanted to republish it here. If you get time though, definitely check out Jesse’s other articles at

Dwarves in popular culture are often depicted as being dour, bearded, short, and squat creatures who excel in mining gems and precious metals from the earth, have a great fondness of drink, are expert miners, and excel at smithing.

But a more thorough look at these creatures might show them to be a bit more complex than first thought. Here are several ideas to help flesh out your campaign setting with interesting dwarves.

unusual dwarf types

Continue reading 15 Unusual Dwarf Types

6 monsters you could encounter in your roleplay

Storm bringer

If your characters are embarking on an epic journey, or maybe exploring the world (or universe) you might bump into some interesting creatures. Some friendly… some not. Here’s a few creature ideas that you could either use or inspire you to create creatures of your own.  Continue reading 6 monsters you could encounter in your roleplay

Ideas for powerful flashbacks

Flashback in LOST

Conflict and drama make great stories. This drama doesn’t have to be current though, your character could have already been through turmoil and lived to tell the tale. This gives your character a rich and interesting backstory, so why not show these times or turmoil as a flashback?  Continue reading Ideas for powerful flashbacks