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Mr Xanadu’s Inspirational Inspiration

Xanadu CrestThe Xanadu Report

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good idea for a post. I for one usually end up writing numerous copies of the same post before actually putting it up (I’ve also got OCD, but that’s for another blog article). Sometimes we can’t post because we’re lost in the stories, other times it’s because real life is draining us, but one of the all time biggest problems is because we have no inspiration. I don’t need to go on a tirade about how essential inspiration is when writing, because you’re all aware of it already.

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Help! I don’t know what to post!

Frustrated writer

This article was written for us by Amy O’Reilley from Blue Dwarf.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all started a post with “Jeff walked along the corridor and…” then suddenly been struck with an attack of the ‘Oh God what nows?’ Or what happens when you are in the middle of a fight and you have absolutely no idea what to do with third technician Jeff Jefferson who only cleans out the chicken soup machines. Read More


6 reasons why you should create a Dr Who play-by-post game

dalek from dr whoRunning for over 50 years, I wanted to give a few reasons why I think the universe of Dr Who has great potential for roleplaying in.

Dr Who roleplaying games have been tried before, and we’ve even had one or two on OngoingWorlds, but for some reason they’ve not lasted too long. I personally thing the reason for this is someone inevitably wants to play the Doctor, who is always going to be more knowledgeable, and powerful than any other character. How can any other character compete with that? Read More


Giving yourself ideas (and remembering them!)

thoughts in head

I expose myself to a lot of really good stories. I watch films, read books, read comics, watch TV series, listen to audio books, read the news, and hear a lot of really good ideas for stories in my roleplaying game.

Copying isn’t bad

Taking a story that you’ve heard before and using it isn’t bad. There are many ways you can take an idea and use it as a story which is totally legitimate, and might be totally different to the original story that inspired you. Most works of fiction are inspired by other works of fiction. Taking a good idea that you’ve heard and applying it to your own characters might create a very different story.

There are many interesting background stories or settings that you could use, and adding your own characters into the story will create a very different story, and could have a dramatically different outcome.

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